Wednesday, October 20, 2021

WIP Wednesday: Plaidish 2

Another Plaidish quilt, because I had pieces leftover from the previous one.

I've started introducing new fabrics, not just C+S ones anymore.


Light blocks done. (6) Dark blocks half-done. (12) Medium blocks (15).

And then I'll do another one with the leftovers from that quilt and just start adding in others from my fabric collection.

Or maybe I could make more of the light and dark blocks, such that I can mix them up together and make a 'series' of quilts (again). Suitable to give away to a group of friends. Or something.

Ugh. I hate making these decisions!

Tuesday, October 12, 2021

new york beauty pattern

I'm looking for New York Beauty blocks, but not in book prints. I'm looking for them in PDF format.

I already know about Ula's Free NYB patterns. Please do not direct me there. I'd like some more elaborate ones that I've seen around - a variety, if you like.

I'm absolutely happy to buy the patterns (at a reasonable price), the problem is that the sites that used to 'sell' those block patterns for foundation paper piecing are ancient (at least in internet terms) and many of them don't actually exist anymore.