Wednesday, January 19, 2022

WIP Wednesday - the one with rainbow batik curves

Dad's bargello 'illusion' quilt (maybe I should call it Rainbows Are Visions But Only Illusions?) is starting, with the strips being sewn together.

It's taken a lot more effort to get this started than I thought it would, but once I'm started, I'm started. That's a good thing.

Last night and this morning.

WIP Wednesday 22-01-19 WIP Wednesday 22-01-19

I mean there's a fair bit to go yet, oh, and I've suddenly realised where I may have ended up going very wrong. DRAT.

Rethinking quickly, however, I could do something slightly different and that might help the overall colour...or it might make it even more of a mess...Who knows??? ARGH.

WIP Wednesday - 22-01-19

If instead of doing all the innermost row as reds, I did the next one with an innermost row as orange, and then maybe spread and 'cycle' it out through the rainbow, I shouldn't end up too short of any one colour...

I don't know if anyone's still doing WIP Wednesdays anymore, or if everyone just shuffled over to insta. Which I am over at insta, but my life is pretty busy over on insta with everything else, not just quilting. This is my 'Just Quilting' space.

Cousin Quilts - the 2022 version

These have been on the to-do list for an AGE and a half. Four years, to be exact.

Time to get 'em done!

Quilts for cousins: masterplan post from 2018 (can be adjusted as needful)


  1. work with colourways for each cousin/group of cousins.
  2. go with a simple quilt design, the same for each 'family' of cousins

I've incorporated the Cousin Quilts into my 2022 APQ WIP challenge.

Whether they get done? IDK. But I have a concrete colourway and plan for each of them, and we'll work it from there.

One unfortunate thing: the old colour scheme post for the C4 cousins no longer has the colour cards. So I've gone through the new cards and actually downloaded a bunch of them. However, they're all of a 'type' and while it kind of suits? I really wanted the more vivid colour combos. That said, a quick Flickr search of 'design seeds' shows promise.

Aha! Found some old design seeds and have begun curating my own collection!

M: climber, earth tones


P: gamer, bright vivids


C: photogapher, classy


P: lifestyle, bubbly


Wednesday, January 5, 2022

WIP Wednesday: the one where I begin as I mean to go on

2022. Could be good. Might be awful. But there's still quilting to be done!

Last year (I think) my dad asked if I could make a bargello-type quilt in rainbow colours. Actually, I already had that on my 'to do' list as a quilt. So looks like it has a recipient now!

Wip Wednesday January

Pattern is 'placid curves' from Amy Ellis' book Modern Neutrals and I'd already started cutting up the pieces. So that's that much less that needs to be done.

Although working out the colour plan has the potential to be tricksy. Ah well, we'll see.

The Restless Hands Of Sel

Obviously my hands have not been restless enough this last year. I've made hardly any progress on the quilt in the last couple of years. The goal this year is to get it at least 80% done. JUST DO IT!

Wip Wednesday January

Doesn't help that the stars are awfully samey. Not quite what I wanted when I started putting the quilt together. A more definite 'colourwash' would have had more visual impact. Ah well, I'll work on it for the rest of the quilt.

The newest addition to the 'flock'.

Wip Wednesday January

And in context:

Wip Wednesday January

Tuesday, January 4, 2022

WIPs B Gone!

WIPs B Gone got at least two things off the list:

1. Mum's handbag (for Christmas)

Q1 finish along 2021

2. Stepbro's wedding quilt (only the binding needed)

November 2021

I made some progress on the Laid-back Plaidish, but everything else on the list was a bust!

One thing I did manage to do was to split my quilt 'Break Free Or Build Upon' into half, providing two smaller quilts instead of one massive one.

But seriously, I have boxes of jelly rolls strips, a drawer of the slice-and-diced strips ready to be made into blocks, and I just have to put the time in one evening. Or else start sewing log cabin blocks. I've never managed to work out the order that log cabin blocks should go in, though...

Sunday, January 2, 2022

Finish-Along 2021 (yes, 2021)

Finally finished a couple of my Q1 2021 projects:

My mother's tote/handbag, which she finally received for Christmas!

Q1 finish along 2021 Q1 finish along 2021

Pattern from a YouTube video: DIY PRETTY TOTE BAG.

However, I made Mum's version with a leather base, and little metal feet for it to sit on. Also, obviously the Alison Glass Art Theory panel was fussy-cut.

A Sicily slip dress:

Q1 finish along 2021 Q1 finish along 2021

I feel like I need better curves to display this dress to maximum effect. It looks okay on me, but it'd look really good on anyone with a larger hip-to-waist ratio.

In a terrible irony, I have had nowhere to wear this dress. Christmas-New Year has been heavily constrained by the Omicron variant of COVID running loose through NSW (The 'Domicron' variant is my nickname for it, based on the politician who's been "letting it rip" through the community.) and so I haven't been going out. We didn't have Christmas Day because the host discovered he was a close-contact on Christmas Eve, and we didn't have Boxing Day because my stepbrother and stepSIL ended up having their baby on Christmas Day and so weren't able to make Boxing Day lunch (although they did manage briefly on the 27th, and we spent a little time with them).

Then, NYE was utterly quiet (I was supposed to go visit some friends on a farm, but decided to take the time to hunker down and recover from the year instead.) So the dress is made, and yet unworn...

In other Finish-Along plans, this year I'm going to whittle down my stash, making 6 scrap quilts (that will likely go to friends at church), and 6 'cousin' quilts.