Wednesday, June 12, 2013

WIP Wednesday: the one where diamonds are a quilter's best friend!

I fear I have done pretty much nothing these last couple of weeks, which is why my WIP Wednesday has been non-existent.

However, this morning, I put some effort in and finally completed a project!


Diamonds Dancing In Rainbows

Finally made up my mind about the borders, and sewed the diamond corners on!

Diamond borders

Got them all lined up and sewed together:

Diamond top and bottom

And done!

Diamonds: finished! Diamonds Dancing In Rainbows

Crappy photography due to crappy light. (And crappy photographer, ie. me!)


I think this one will provide some lovely opportunities for practising my FMQ - I'm thinking some Angela Walters techniques for practise!

NAME: Diamonds Dancing In Rainbows
SIZE: 55" x 59"
NOTES: Kona solids, 5" squares, from the I <3 Kona charm swap run by Alyssa at Pile O'Fabric!


Honey Mermaids

Decisions, decisions, decisions!

I bought some grey and some brown as possible borders for the quilt and laid them out with the fabrics - I figured one could be the front and one could be the back.


Now I'm not so sure. I like the brown more than the grey, but not as much as I hoped. So I did another card match and bought some Pure Honey for the borders. I think this will probably work better than either the grey or the brown - the grey didn't feel quite warm enough for the yellows, pinks, and purples, but I'm a bit iffy about the brown...

So I ordered 3 yards of Pure Honey. If that doesn't match, then I'll go with the brown.

And I'm wondering if I can find a match for the Plum Swimming Sisters background, to fill out a little of this strip - it's a bit too narrow, you see, and I'd like to be able to use as much of it as possible...

Colour matching.

Incidentally, if you happen to have any Swimming Sisters In Plum (above) or Mermaids In Brown, I'd love to swap some for any of these prints:

Mendocino Swap

I'd be willing to swap 3:2 for either of the Seahorse prints (ie. you send me 1FQ of the Swimming Sisters in Plum/Mermaids in Brown, I send you 1.5FQ of Seahorses).

Scrap Attack {String Fever}

Okay, so the Scrap Attack challenge has finished and I only got 27 blocks completed. Argh. Just couldn't quite get it happening!


They do look pretty in their colour arrangements!

I'll keep going on this - slowly and steadily. It's not a priority right now: I need to get my giftquilts done for the US trip!

Modern Mini: Teeny Tiny HST Time!

Going to try to get something in for the Modern Mini Quilt Challenge over at Ellison Lane Quilts, but no guarantees!

This is what I have so far - the HSTs leftover from my quilt Build Me Up, Buttercup!

Teeny tiny HSTs in Oh My!

They're going to be 1.75" at most. AT MOST. Did I mention teeny and tiny?

I'm thinking a cushion. I pulled out one of those 50L plastic storage containers full of raw cushions (no covers). Quelle horreur! How can this be in the house of a sewist? QUICK! I MUST AWAY TO THE SEWING MACHINE! *swirls cape*

To Do

1-2-3-GO MOMO!

A nice simple quilt, with an oldie but goodie fabric line - Momo's Just Wing It! I've had this FQ for ages, and it's sitting around begging to be used! Consider it done!

1, 2, 3, Go Momo!

Plus, you know, everything's at right-angles. That should make it easy, right? RIGHT?!

If this one works, I might end up using it for the FQ bundle of Kate Spain's Terrain I have sitting around...

Sydney Craft And Quilt Fair

So, it's on now (today!) at the Sydney Exhibition Centre, and while I have won no prizes, I have three quilts in there that look quite stunning. (At least, they look pretty stunning from the photos I've been sent!) I was going to go in today, only I got injured last night at hockey training and am now laid up with a bung knee. It'll heal in a day or two, but until walking around, I think! I'll go in on Friday instead.


So, what have you been up to this last week? Have you linked up at WIP Wednesday?


  1. I love your diamonds! I'm afraid I can't help you with the mermaids (I don't have any of Heather's lines :-() but I like the idea of the fifth fabric from the right on the top as a background to bring out the octopuses! Good luck with the teeny tiny HSTs!

  2. Ooo - the diamonds in rainbows is most effective. Sorry I don't have any of the mermaids to swap with you.

  3. Love the diamonds quilt and the fabrics for your 1-2-3 GO MOMO quilt!

  4. that solids quilt is amazing! i love how the diamonds extend into the border.

  5. I like the solids I need to get into that more.

  6. Love the Dancing Diamonds with the white in there!

    Wish I had some seahorses or any of those mermaids sorry:(

    Your teeny tiny HSTS are sweet:)

  7. Love, love, love your dancing diamonds. Fabulous!

  8. love the colors in the string

  9. I'm in love with both the Diamonds quilt and your Modern Mini! I'm fairly new to quilting so it's so exciting for me to see all the different ways you can piece fabric together to create something so beautiful <3.

    I'm stopping by from the WIP Wednesday linky party, this is my WIP post if you wannt drop by my blog: Keep Creating!

  10. Your diamonds quilt is gorgeous! Looking forward to see what you do with Mendocino - it is my favorite line but sadly, I don't have much more than scraps because I jumped on the bandwagon too late.

  11. Love the diamonds and the strings! Great job!

  12. You may not have finished the string quilt but I love the blocks, those colors rock!

    I am stopping by from the WIP post, hop by if you get a chance!

  13. Diamonds Dancing is just gorgeous! I love rainbow quilts and those white diamonds scattered throughout really make the quilt top!

  14. Ok Sel; I was going to say how I absolutely love Diamonds Dancing in Rainbows....then I looked ahead....shoot!!! I like it


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