Wednesday, July 4, 2012

WIP Wednesday: the one with the giveaway

WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced

Soooo, I finally made some progress on longstanding projects of neverending DOOM - not least of which was our kitchen renovations!


We've been without a kitchen since the 20th February, so it's so nice to have this much in! There's a bit of work yet to go, but we might have it done by...oh...spring. :P

Actually, I was hoping to have it done by my birthday (in just over a month) so I could throw a morning tea with all my friends where we bake up a storm. *hopes*


Books And Blocks Bee

I'm the Queen Bee for July, and I picked the Box Kite block out of the 99 Modern Quilt Blocks book.

Books and blocks bee: July block

Books and blocks bee: July block

I'm going to sash it in white, and post it in darks/blacks, and bind it with rainbows. Once all the blocks come in, of course.


Build Me Up Buttercup!

Got the last of the blocks done on Monday night at the Quilt-In at Pinky's.

Now it's just the laying out and sewing.


I'm not convinced about using the yellow as a background solid. It's not my "thing" if you know what I mean. But it all lays out very nicely, I will say.

New York Beauty


Block 7:

New York beauty: block 7


Not sure about this colour combo: I think it needs some green, I just hope that the central segment is 'green' enough for it...

I'll make one more block in this colourway and fabric set - Block 8 - and then put the blocks I already have together for a wall hanging. Or possibly a cat mat. Or something. (Most likely 'Or Something'.)

Mum's Impstar

Sewed the binding on. No photos yet - I'll be finishing it off at Sydney SCQuilters group on Saturday, and while watching my hockey club's A-grade team battle it out on Sunday night. (I know my US friends are complaining of heatwaves, but it's hard to sympathise because When the sun goes down around here's it's FREEEEEEZIIIINNNGGG. And I hate FREEEEEEZIIIINNNGGG!)

I should make a 'hockey' quilt, suitable for wrapping around oneself when watching the games...

*puts it on the 'to do' list*

No Progress

Le Petit Poulet: The cut pieces are just sitting there, mocking me.
String Quilt: I sliced up a lot of quilter's muslin into 6.5" squares, prepatory to making a string quilt. I've got crazy scrappage and really need to use it all up.
Hidden Harvest binding: Er, yeah, no.
Go Back To The Jungle binding: AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!

Bonus Giveaway!

You made it through, and this one's made for yooou. (Sorry. 1980s Australian beer ad moment. Don't ask.)

While planning to make the Amy Butler Rainy Days, I managed to order TWO patterns from two separate retailers. *dings self over the ear*


So I'm giving one away. Mint condition, never opened. It could be yours!

1. For one entry, leave a comment about one of my projects.
2. For a bonus entry, point out the Pterry reference in my post.

What is a Pterry? Google it. Am I gearing this competition towards the geeks? Why, yes, I am. Am I ashamed of doing so? Uh, no. Can you google the Pterry reference? Maybe.

Comments will be closed Friday night, 9pm AEST and the winner shall be selected by random number generator.

Good luck!

And go check out the Linky Party at Freshly Pieced!


  1. I love your Box kite blocks and you NYB is going to be stunning! I can't even start sewing till later in the day as it is too cold here of a morning and my hands dont move properly.

  2. I like all of your projects....but love the bee blocks....

  3. I really like the yellow background for the quilt. It is very different.

  4. Oh, I love NYB blocks! Do you have any posts with them all together? I would love to see it! And I have 'lusted' after that Amy Butler pattern for such a long time, I would love to win it! I also make a lot of my own clothes!

  5. I'm totally guessing here.. the spines of your NYB.. spines - discs - Discworld?

  6. I can see why you'd be insecure about the yellow as a background solid, but I think it adds a nice "antique" touch. No? :)

  7. Love your NYB block colors. Mine is slowly coming along as well. Summer gets so busy.

    Build me up buttercup... that looks like a pattern from my scrap basket sensations book (I think). I tried to streamline it with my babyGO! dies, but it's still just "on my list" for now.

    Happy 4th of July!

  8. Is it when you said, "All those spines! PIECE THE SPINES! PIECE ALL THE SPINES!" ?

  9. Congrats on being queen bee. LOVE the modern block you picked. What a great bee block!

  10. My guess is *dings self over the ear*

  11. Okay, I love the yellow, but I think whatever you do, you need to put a yellow border on that quilt! And did you need any Sanae yardage for binding? *tempts tempts*


  12. Love all your WIPs! Congrats on the NY Beauty! Can't wait to see all your blocks together, thanks for linking up!

  13. There's no question that home renovations always take longer than you thought they were going to (and cost more!) I am impressed you got any sewing done at all. Love what you have done...the NYB is going to be gorgeous! Thanks for the giveaway!

  14. HA! LOVE your blog title!!!! I like your kite blocks...simply wonderful!

  15. I think I have the buttercup pattern in one of my's lovely! I thought of doing it in 1930s repro prints.

  16. love the boxed kite blocks. You hung in there longer than I did on the NYBs - they look amazing.

  17. I can't wait to make my own version of your Build Me Up Buttercup. I have the book, just waiting for the right fabric!

    PS I love the title of your blog. How can I possibly expect non-nerd-dom from a title like yours? :D

  18. I love the box kite blocks! And that new york beauty is just that, beautiful! :)

  19. I can't believe you've been without a kitchen since February. You deserve a medal!

    Great quilts. Don't ding yourself too hard - I just ordered the same magazine online...twice! Yes, I'm a moron. Or maybe I just buy too many magazines?

  20. Oh and Pterry = Terry Pratchett. And yes, I googled.


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