Monday, June 14, 2021

golly look at the time

I'm so sorry for not posting more often here. Quilting and sewing often takes a backseat to everything else in my life right now: working, writing, gardening, householding, hockey, eating out, and finally...quilting.

I have finished my quilt for the 2021 Quilt show! It's bound and everything! Now I just need to make a label and sew on the hanging sleeve and we are FINISHED BABY!

It's a good design, I really like what I came up with and how I've done it. And, yes, I should do a pattern with it. I say this a lot, but never actually do, don't I?

And then, the rest of the year is SCRAP QUILTS:
1. Postage Stamp quilts (as many as can be made from strips
2. The Quilt Is Lava
3. Plaidish quilts

I'd like to actually finish these (binding and everything) for giving to church friends. It means some very intentional quilting and management of time. But... I did the 2021 Quilt Show Quilt in three months (entered the quilt as a sketch and a pile of fabric back in March, finished by June) so...I can do it. It's just...a bit of effort...

Can be done, though. Really. It can. And I can do it. Don't mind me, I'm just talking myself into it all.... :D