Friday, December 28, 2018

Q4 Finish: Croques and Frocks

My Q4 Finish-Along List

Two items of clothing

So I listed 'two items of clothing' and had pictures of a shirt all cut up, and the plans for a dress.

I've finished two items of clothing, just not necessarily the two I listed.

Firstly, the dress for the 'Frocks and Croques' day in early November: Croquet in fancy dress!

Pieces were all cut out in October, and the event was in November.

Finish Along 2018: Q4

But I decided to finish it a week early and wear it to a Halloween party.

Finish along Q4 2018

And after that to the Croques and Frocks day.

Finish along Q4 2018


The second dress I made was for a Christmas party and I pretty much had to get it done the day of the party because I hadn't done it beforehand.

Groove is in the heart!

It was a 70s retro party thrown by a couple at church who do this every year and have a "trash auction" to raise money for an overseas aid company.

I made it seriously short. Like SERIOUSLY short.

Groove is in the heart!

Not used to wearing dresses this short. But I think it went down okay.

Groove is in the heart!

I might still try to get done the shirt that I'd planned to do:

Something nice and light to wear. I guess we'll see!


So that's two items of clothing made!

Q4 Finish: Two Backings

My Q4 Finish-Along List

2. Two Quilt Backings

These two quilts have been finished for at least a year, but weren't sent off to the quilter until a few months ago. I'm hoping to get them back early in the new year, and then they can go off to their new homes.

2018 FAL: Q4 - two backings

The one on the left is a 'birthday block' quilt, where I joined a monthly block-along - you select a free-pattern block for your birthday month and everyone makes that block in your requested colours and posts it to you, and you make a block that they've requested in their colours for their birthday month.

WIP Wednesday

I did it for two years and didn't really enjoy either of them, and found I didn't much like the blocks I got. Also, I wanted the quilt to be bigger than 12x 12" blocks layout could make it, so I made four more to bring it to 16 and make it four by four.

The one of the right is a gift to my cousin's son. His sister got the Walkabout quilt, and I've been owing him a quilt for a couple of years now...

I was hoping to have it by Christmas but it's not yet back from the quilter's. *sigh*

Thursday, December 27, 2018

Q4 Finish: Two Sisters' quilts

My Q4 Finish-Along List

Two Bindings: Sisters Quilt 1, and Sisters Quilt 2

This has been in the work for what feels like decades. Probably only about 6 years though.

Finish along Q4 2018

It was intended as a way to use up some blocks I'd had lying around since 2012. One quilt turned into two matching quilts, and since I had refugees and asylum seekers on my mind at the time, I thought they might be good for gifting to a couple of sisters come to Australia for a new life.

Finally, having sent them to the quilter and gotten them back, I've bound them and they're ready to go to a refugee/asylum seekers centre in Newtown that should take them. Better find out about that before long.

Finish along Q4 2018

I've done several finishes this quarter, but this is the first one that got completed.