Thursday, December 17, 2015

"Swarm" got accepted into Quiltcon!

My quilt got accepted into Quiltcon - the Modern Quilt Guild's annual quilt show!

I'm a little bit surprised - last year, they were really pushing the 'modernist' look for quilts: lots of negative space, improvisational piecing, and so forth, and 'Swarm' doesn't really fit that profile:

"Swarm" - photographed square! Such a labour of love and inspiration. And yes, @2bees, I'm filling out the competition forms now! #swarmbysel

But it was lovely to get that email!

Now I have to: a) label and label-cover, b) fit a sleeve, c) package and post.

Guess that's going to be this weekend gone!

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

WIP Wednesday: the one with Super Sew-Ins

Finished Tops

Birthday Block Swap

It took three years, but it's finally done! And now I have to work out what I'm actually going to do with it. It's not my style at all, not something I particularly want to keep, so...into the donation pile, perhaps? I need to find somewhere that will take quilt tops and turn them into quilts for charity...

One less UFO! Huzzah!

Did all the blocks while at the Sydney Mod SQuad December super sew-in - good times, good hangouts, good people!

@sydmodsquad Christmas meeting! For @skyberries, who can't be with us...

It's been a pleasure sewing with you ladies, and I look forward to sewing with you and the others in our group next year!


Supernova Friendship Block Swap

Started another block at the Mod SQuad super sew-in:

WIP Wednesday and Gertrude Made

The colour is awful - excuse the lighting.

The little things to the side are a set of coasters I'm making as a gift for a friend in Germany out of scraps. I have no shortage of scraps...

Plain Jane Passcaglia

Another rosette!

#plainjanepassacaglia on #sydneytrains

I think I'm going to have to set myself 30 minutes a day sewing these. 30 minutes a day sewing these and I'm set for the new year!

1 Hour Baskets

Mass production of hour baskets takes longer than 1 hour. But that's mostly because I umm and ahh over the fabric choices and colour combinations. What if it looks AWFUL?!?

Mass production of #1hourbasket takes a little longer than 1 hour...

Three were done on Friday night (the fourth one, I miscut the lining, then forgot to compensate)!

The #1hourbasket by @kelbysews makes an awesome last-minute gift!

They were perfect as last-minute gifts for a baby shower I had on the Saturday morning.

Now I just have to finish the 4th...

Gertrude Made

I bought two dresses from Cathi during her Gertrude Made sale at the end of November - both size 12.

#mygertrudemadedress...well, dresses, plural! I need a petticoat for these, I think, will hunt up a pattern in the next few days. In the meantime, such lovely dresses will be worn at every opportunity! 😍 Thanks Cathi! #selfie

They're lovely dresses, however the waist is very short and I have a very long waist, and I think size 12 is a little large on me. However, size 10 would probably be snug. It seems I am (unfortunately) a size 11, which makes nicely-fitting dresses an iffy proposition on me. (So does all the food I love eating...)

Still, they’re lovely 'lounging' dresses for when I want to be pretty but relaxed.

I need to make some petticoats for them - something to fluff out the skirts a little; it'll improve the look significantly I think!

I Am Unmoved

Christmas presents

1. parents: NOPE
2. stepbro and SIL: NOPE
3. stepbro: NOPE
4. B1 & B2: NOPE


This week is the Supernova Friendship, and the Parental Christmas Gift (because I just know it will take longer than planned; it always does).