Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Quilts for cousins - 2018

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I finished a quilt for a cousin once-removed (my cousin 1E's son) having already gifted one to his sister last year (or the year before).

November 2017
So the plan for next Christmas is to get quilts out to all my cousins.

Mountain Majesty
1E & Husband - Blue-Greys
2G - Golds-Blues

Boxes of Colour
Requires 1 jelly roll and a background solid
3N & Wife - scrappy colours and white
7M - blues-yellows and slate
8A - blues-purples and slate

Lattice Quilt
Requires a layer cake and a background solid
Use Rooftop Garden Collection
9M - Greys and Greens
10P - Greens and Purples
11K - Pinks, Golds, Greys
12P & b/f - Golds, Greys, Greens

Landlocked Sea Lovers
Dan - Blue and Yellow
Cam - Blue and Orange

That's 11 quilts, not counting the show quilts and all. But, no, I'm not being particularly ambitious this year...

At least I'm not doing this one, which was a commission quilt for a friend's daughter:
November 2017

I've been very unproductive this year. I'll work on that next year...