Wednesday, June 26, 2019

FAL Q2 Finish: Send Jeremy's Quilt

Q2 Goals Post

Jeremy is the son of my oldest cousin, a teenager with a love for...a football team in the UK with blue and yellow as their colours? (Can you tell I don't follow the European football leagues?) Anyway, I gave his sister Stephanie the Walkabout quilt, and have been promising him one for two years...

I finally got it backed at the end of last year, and quilted by Jo at Thirroul Custom Quilting.

It came back, got bound, and got sent.

Jeremy's quilt

I got a nice card back, which was a bit amusing because I know his mum probably nudged him into getting him to write it. Hopefully he really does like the quilt...

I can't seem to find a full picture of it bound and completed anywhere, unfortunately. But it is! I promise!

FAL Q2 Finish: Bind and send Birthday Stars

Q2 Goals Post

- Birthday Stars: it's sitting around taking up space!

Done and sent!

This one's been around since, oh, 2013-ish as well. I did a birthday block swap for a couple of years (2011-2012, I believe) and while this one went better than the first one (where the sizes were all over the place, and people used rather crappy fabrics), I still didn't feel like the blocks were me. I ended up making another five blocks to make it 4x4 blocks and a 'colourwash' (sort of).

It looks much better now!

Finish along 2019 Q2

On the back, I made another quilt top, experimenting with 'wonky' log cabins. (I know, they don't look wonky, but they are a little.)

I had to add a border to the Birthday Stars flimsy to make it large enough for the Wonky Cabins, but I like the result.

I didn't take a photo of it hanging, so I'll have to ask my friend to send me a proper photo when she receives it.

Three QAL finishes!

FAL Q2 Finish: Quilt Show Quilt 2

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Diamonds Are A Quilter's Best Friend

Finish along 2019 Q2

This one has sat around for years - since 2013, in fact! The charm squares were part of a charm swap of Kona solids.

WIP Wednesday: the one where diamonds are a quilter's best friend

I always knew I wanted to quilt it myself, but I didn't do FMQ on my own domestic, and the longarm was no longer available to me...

Finish along 2019 Q2

It's done! I learned a few new things while quilting this, and I need a whole lot more practise with it, but...I'm happy with my work on it, even as I can see all the things I could have done better...

Ah well. Done is best!

FAL Q2 Finish: Quilt Show Quilt 1

Q2 Goals Post

Where The Forest Meets Suburbia

a.k.a. #100KonaTulaBlocks

Quilted, bound, submitted to the Sydney Quilt Show at the Craft Fair, and hanging:
Finish along 2019 Q2

You know how sometimes you make something and halfway through you just hate it? I had a lot of that with this. Put it away for a few months when I knew I had the quilt show coming up. Ended up quilting and binding in the last month. Whew!

But all done, generally well-liked but nothing standout, I think. I would have liked to quilt down the sashing a little but I think it's softer this way.

It goes to my mother, who seems to get first dibs on all the most complicated of my quilts!