Monday, July 16, 2018

FINISHED: Plain Jane Passacaglia

Plain Jane Passacaglia

Four years of piecing and sewing and piecing and giving up and piecing and oh dear heavens WHY did I choose this quilt and what was I thinking?

There was sewing and planning and much planning and sewing...

Plain Jane Passacaglia

And which there was more sewing...

Plain Jane Passacaglia

But I gotta say, the top looked quite stunning when finished:

Plain Jane Passacaglia

And the cats were really fond of it!

Plain Jane Passacaglia

Plain Jane Passacaglia

Plain Jane Passacaglia

Certainly the quilting on it is terribly amateur - my plans to use a friend's quilting frame with my domestic machine were stymied by the limitations of the throatspace on my domestic:

Plain Jane Passacaglia

So I just did the edges on the frame, and resolved to do the rest of the quilting in FMQ, off-frame, on my domestic.

Plain Jane Passacaglia

That didn't go as well as I might have liked. First time FMQ a full quilt on my domestic, even with rulers? Yeah, nope.

Plain Jane Passacaglia

Ah well, it's done - and after so very very long! 4 years to make it! Oy.

The next handsewing project is another quilt from Hammerstein's Millefiori Quilts book: Made By Restless Hands. I hope to get a start on that in Q3 2018. But more on that later...

Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Q3 Finish Along

Very simple this quarter:

1. Four Bindings
- The Seaweed Is Always Greener
- French Farmhouse
- Sisters Quilt 1
- Sisters Quilt 2

Quilts April 2018

2. Four Backings
* Jeremy's Quilt
* birthday star
* friendship supernova
* 3:10 to Yuma

Quilts April 2018

3. Two flimsies
- scrappy Round The World

Quilts April 2018

4. Two wearable items
- no description on what just yet, because I haven't decided

Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Finish-Along: Q2 Finishes

Sadly, only one as per my Q2 Goals post - but what a doozy!

After four years of painstaking toil, the Plain Jane Passacaglia is DONE!

Plain Jane Passacaglia

Full picture of it hanging in the show, this weekend just past:

Plain Jane Passacaglia

Lovely as it is, I'm so glad it's done...well, mostly. I might do some more quilting on it. Or cut it up and remake it, just for fun. We'll see how I feel about it shortly...


I did get Break Free Or Build Upon to the flimsy stage - even to the basting stage!

Plain Jane Passacaglia

And then, once again, my machine failed me in the final week, and I had to withdraw my entry in the Sydney Quilt Show.

To be honest, it doesn't do quite what I'd hoped it might. It's also overly-large and I don't know what I was thinking making it like that...


The other goals are being rolled over to Q3:

-2x Scrappy Round The World
-4x backings

List of hopefuls for the second half of 2018

While it’s good to have goals per quarter, I’m trying to draw up goals for the entirety of 2018. This should cut down a little on the chop-and-change nature of my quilting.

1. Get 4 more backings done and send off. FIND A NEW (LOCAL) QUILTER. (Love the one I've been using all this time, but she's in another city and not an easy one for me to reach.)
2. Bind 4 quilts returned from quilter.
3. Make 2 round the world flimsies from 2.5” strips.
4. #100blocks100days Challenge (Tula Pink 100 Blocks): make in Tula and Kona solids.
5. Snowflake block – publish (get pattern tested by the ModSquad ladies?
6. Swarm quilt – draw up pattern - publish in Make Modern?
7. Make 4 cousin quilts.

7. Design this – one side block, one corner block, one centre block

Saturday, April 14, 2018

2018 Finish Along Q2

Four things - just four! This will take us to the end of June, right?

Plain Jane Passacaglia
- needs completion of piecing
- quilting and binding


It's going in the Sydney Quilt Show (if they accept it).

Break Free? Or Build Upon?
- needs completion of piecing
- quilting and binding

Break Free Or Build Upon

Again, Sydney Quilt Show (if accepted).

2x Scrappy Round The World

I have a load of 2.5" strips which need using. Need to go hunt up some nice, swift patterns on pinterest, etc.

Jelly roll strips.

4x backings

Backings for:
* Jeremy's Quilt
* birthday star
* friendship supernova
* 3:10 to Yuma


So that's me for the next 3 months.

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Plain Jane [WIP Wednesday]

It truly feels like I've been doing this forever.

Like, seriously, FOREVER. I'm so tired of sewing teeny tiny seams and feeling like I never get anywhere!

Little pieces, little pieces, little pieces...



So much planning...

This goes with that...

And pieceing...

Sewing, sewing, never stopping...

And laying out...

This fits just there...

It's enough to drive one batty!

And yet...progress is being made.

The shape of it is starting to fill out. It feels like it's moving towards being quilt-shaped...

Even if there's still a lot to do.

As in, a LOT to do.

But we persevere.

It's slow progress, but progress nevertheless!

And when I get a chance to stand back and look...

Yeah, that's kind of what I imagined it would be like.



Do you have a WIP Wednesday that you've been working on? Would you like to link to it in the comments?

Wednesday, January 31, 2018

the Plain Jane Passacaglia: 100 days of seams

One of my goals for this year is to get the Plain Jane Passcaglia finished. Towards this end, I'm doing a "100 days of seams" with the quilt - where I sew at least one seam per day.

It started from the 20th January, at the Sydney Mod Squad meetup:

And then progressed very slowly over the next few days


Sometimes it was literally one seam:

And then there's the issue of laying things out to work out the edges:

Planning the bits to fill in the gaps

Making the bits to fill in the gaps

And sewing them in:

On the upside, I've definitely made progress around the edges. It's getting there. Not as fast as I'd like, but when does it ever?

Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Quilts for cousins - 2018

Reference this post.

I finished a quilt for a cousin once-removed (my cousin 1E's son) having already gifted one to his sister last year (or the year before).

November 2017
So the plan for next Christmas is to get quilts out to all my cousins.

Mountain Majesty
1E & Husband - Blue-Greys
2G - Golds-Blues

Boxes of Colour
Requires 1 jelly roll and a background solid
3N & Wife - scrappy colours and white
7M - blues-yellows and slate
8A - blues-purples and slate

Lattice Quilt
Requires a layer cake and a background solid
Use Rooftop Garden Collection
9M - Greys and Greens
10P - Greens and Purples
11K - Pinks, Golds, Greys
12P & b/f - Golds, Greys, Greens

Landlocked Sea Lovers
Dan - Blue and Yellow
Cam - Blue and Orange

That's 11 quilts, not counting the show quilts and all. But, no, I'm not being particularly ambitious this year...

At least I'm not doing this one, which was a commission quilt for a friend's daughter:
November 2017

I've been very unproductive this year. I'll work on that next year...

Friday, October 20, 2017

quilts I'd like to do - the 2017-2018 version

So, I bought the pattern for the Aviatrix Medallion quilt by Elizabeth Hartman of Oh, Fransson! It was too pretty to resist and I've wanted to make a medallion quilt for a while. I thought about doing one of the Marcelle Medallion quilts

And there's even a Quilt Along happening!

Unfortunately, April->July is the worst time for me, what with the Sydney Quilt Show requiring my quilts, and winter and hockey and life generally, so I'm thinking that maybe after July, when I have a bit of time off this project and possibly a day or two free during the week?

I'd rather like to do this with a darker background - black, navy, charcoal, steel - and use pink-scarlet, orange-yellow, green-lime, skyblue-azure, violet-purple family groups as the blocks.


Magic Numbers over at Sew Katie Did

arabesque quilt by Allison Jensen
- blues for Jeremy

lattice quilt by Mommy By Day, Crafter By Night
- blues and browns for Dan
- blues and golds for Cam

Landlocked Sea Lovers quilt by Cindy Sharp.
- Kate Spain Layer Cake
- Tula Pink Chipper layer cake

jelly rolls

Scrappy Granny Square Quilt also: Tropical Punch Quilt

boxes of Colour quilt
- excellent for the jelly-cut scraps I have in the box

Cosy Posy Triangle quilt
- I love triangles (and hate 'em) and this would be pretty awesome, I think...


1. Jeremy's Landlocked Blues
2. Dan's Lattice
3. Cam's Lattice

Monday, October 16, 2017

Q4 goals 2017 (but not the finish along)

I completely forgot to do the follow-up for the Q3 Finish Along 2017, let alone post the goals for Q4.

I did get the Technicolor Galaxy finished, and four quilts sent off to the quilter. However everything else was a bust.

So: this last quarter...

1. quilts for Dan and Cam

Dan and Cam are the sons of friends I gave a quilt to for their wedding, the boys are 8 and 6, and I stayed with them down near Ballarat earlier this year.

I think I'll make the quilt with the same block I did their parents' wedding quilt, only in the colours of their room. (And it might be time to make the parents a new quilt, in colours suitable to the style of their bedroom?)

This could possibly be postponed to April/May next year when they come to Sydney...

2. quilt for Jeremy

Jeremy is my cousin's son, to whom I promised a quilt to sometime this year, but which I will really need to get done before Christmas, which is when I'll probably see him again, our family being the kind to gather at Christmas.

3. Break Free or Build Upon (finish the top)

I just want the top done so I can decide what I'm going to do with it. Perhaps attempt entry to the Modern Quilt Show in the US?

4. Passacaglia

Penny Poppleton made an excellent suggestion for What To Do with my Passacaglia, and it might cut down the amount of time I spend finishing everything off CONSIDERABLY. Which is all to the good.

5. Sydney Mod Squad blocks

Group Quilt blocks need doing by December. Easy enough. (hahaha)

6. Swarm II

I'm thinking I'll make this (again), pattern it, and enter it into the Sydney Quilt Show next year, along with Break Free and Build Upon....

But gotta get moving first! So many things to do, so little time!

Thursday, September 7, 2017

it's been too long

Probably very few people who read this blog anymore, but hi! It's been a while...

I've been working on a number of things, but very slowly - struggling to get anything done. I've picked up again in the last month, but July was dead, August only slightly less so, and it's only now that we've hit September that there's any movement on the quilting front.

the home-made rolling-casters version of the Flynn free-motion quilting frame for domestic machines.

One of the reasons I'm looking at a home-made quilting frame is because I can't fit a professional one into my house (just no space), and while I could afford the Flynn frame, it might be good to try making it out of recycled parts if possible. And, also, the shop where I used to hire the machine only has one worker who's qualified to use the machine, which means they can't hire it out when she's not working, and she's just gone on sabbatical.

The other reason is because I have a commission quilt that was supposed to be done by the end of August and which has missed the mark quite significantly:

#eilidhsquilt layout 4

Without the availability of a longarm, I'm kind of stuck at this point. It's too large to push-pull quilt on a domestic (at least, without wrecking myself with RSI or exacerbating current bodily issues), which is why I'm looking at a moving frame. I could send it out (and will probably have to) but this is what I have for the moment.

I also made a couple of smaller quilts from the leftover pieces - kid quilts, probably for the twin kids of some friends:



I finally started sewing together the big pieces of the Plain Jane Passacaglia. The goal is pretty much just to get it square-ish, and then either quilt it or cut it up and turn it into cushions.


Sewing, sewing, sewing...


Only a few more pieces to fit around the edges, and I've made up bags of pieces to sew on the afternoon train when it's crowded and harder to pull out the laptop to write on the way home.

Hopefully I'll have something to show in a couple of weeks!

Thursday, June 29, 2017


Charm About You

I've found that one of the best ways to achieve my Q2 goals is to turn them into an external deadline. Like entries for quilting shows...

I submitted my Technicolor Galaxy (the 2015 Skill Builder Block Of The Month Quilt by Alyssa at Pile O'Fabric) to the Sydney Quilt Show, which put it on a timeline, and meant I had to get a move on my quilting. At the time, I'd only just started working on it, although it had been out since 2015.

Choosing a dark design with heavy, saturated colours was a bit of a risk - all the other versions I'd seen made were pale backgrounds.

WIP Wednesday mid Feb

But once I got moving with it, I really rather liked the bright colours against the black. It gives it…punch. Pop. Zing. That little something more.

Duct Tape Galaxy Quilt 2017

Rather than doing quilt-as-you-go, as per the pattern instructions, I decided to join everything together and make it a quilt top, then quilt it. It caused a few problems - mainly in fitting everything together at the end.

Duct Tape Galaxy Quilt 2017

Also, making the background ‘patchy’, and trying to gradate the colours around the arcs of the circle? Was a pain in the butt! So many fabric shades, so many delicate shifts of colour – and the blues and purples are particularly awful for this!

Duct Tape Galaxy Quilt 2017

Meanwhile the yellows are not very varied at all!

Duct Tape Galaxy Quilt 2017

Duct Tape Galaxy Quilt 2017

The thing is, once you start putting it all together as a whole, you don't really notice the fine details. However, I note that never stopped any quilter from angsting over fabric choices!

Duct Tape Galaxy Quilt 2017

Also, I didn't quite follow the order of blocks for the pattern. I'm not really good at English Paper Piecing, or turn-under applique, so I tended to leave those until last.

#IGQuiltFest with @amyscreativeside Day 31 - Work In Progress: Block 7 of the #ducttapegalaxyquilt is Hexie Flowers, and I'm doing it at #scquilters today.

Orange peels. Better get a move on! #ducttapegalaxyquilt

And then it got accepted for the Sydney Quilt Show, and the pressure was on!

Why did I do this again? Oh, that's right: because it's pretty and I'm a show-off... #ducttapegalaxyquilt

So, I thought it looked pretty good when I had all the 'arc' sections done, but once I started putting the background together, I was blown away.

#ducttapegalaxyquilt all the pieces done now to fit it together!

#IGQuiltFest with @amyscreativeside Day 25 - Unfinished Quilt. Only half a galaxy so far... #ducttapegalaxyquilt

I think it helps that I didn’t have the radial lines of the section binding interrupting the flow of the colour, too. In the QAYG version, the quilt is usually put together in a dozen ‘spokes’ and each spoke is joined to the others by a strip of binding. Which would be great if the background is one colour and the spokes match that colour (or are a deliberate contrast), but isn’t so hot when the colour changes around the circumference of the quilt.

#ducttapegalaxyquilt Nearly there! Just have to join it all together.

Unfortunately, in the process of quilting it, I stuffed up. The back ended up all wrinkly and wobbly and sewn-in. If I was really dedicated to making this a quilt-show worthy quilt, then I could have redone it. I decided not to bother. But I’m going to have to work on my quilting techniques. They’ve been really bad lately. And no, I don’t expect to win any prizes, but it would be nice to have a decent back.

Ah well, it still looks pretty good from the front, even in the not-so-great lighting of the Sydney International Convention Centre where the Sydney Quilt Show 2017 was held!

Duct Tape Galaxy Quilt

I called it the Duct Tape Galaxy, because, like duct tape, it has a light side (the back), a dark side (the front), and it holds the universe together!