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WIP Wednesday: the one where Eternity is finished!

WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced

Warning: long post ahead. But many pictures to relieve the walls of text!

FINISHED: Heck To The Yeah!

The Eternity Quilt


Pieced, quilted, bound, and done!

Material Obsession's Swap Day: the Eternity Quilt, finished and hung.

This photo was taken at Material Obsession's Swap Day - the Sydney Modern Quilt Guild had a small table down the back corner of the garden, and so we displayed our various quilts - Penny Poppleton's 7-Day Hexagon Quilt, Pinkying's Sunset+, and my Modern Maze top. It was a great day filled with much chatting and conversation and fabric purchasing. I'm very carefully not thinking about how much I bought at the various stalls!

With the Eternity Quilt's completion, I can safely say that I've achieved at least one of my goals for quilting this year, which was to make a quilt from beginning to end - piecing, quilting, binding.

Eternity quilt on the quilting frame

Of course, I had to pick the biggest, most complicated quilt out of the ones I've made this year. *sigh*

Eternity quilt detail around signature

But now that I've done it once, it can only get easier, right? :)

WIPs: And Miles To Go Before I Sleep

This is the bit where everything kind of gets blurry in my head. I've been working on Eternity so long and so hard for the last couple of months that I've almost forgotten what other projects I had before!

Terrain Challenge
This has sadly languished after I discovered that I was going to have to sew a lot more strips together to get the full-sized quilt I want out of it.

Terrain challenge

Luckily, I am not short of Terrain fabric...

And I think Terrain is going on the backburner while I deal with the familial Christmas Presents. (January. It'll be done by January. Yeah.)

So hard to work out gifts for my family! I've given just about everyone quilts now. Except for Stepbro2, which I should probably rectify. I might offer him a quilt, made to his colour/style preferences.

Otherwise, the siblings (sibling-and-spouse in one case) are all getting French Memo Boards, covered specific to their preferences. Don't know if they'll use them or just tuck them away to carry dust. Whatever. Useful and simple and (at least for the sisters) practical. I should probably make one for the half-bro in HK, and one for the new stepbro in Vietnam. (Extended families. Eesh.)

I think I have some time this Sunday...

TO DO: For All We Know The Best Is Yet To Come
Projects for the new year:

Sydney Modern Quilt Guild - Hexa-Go-Go Charity Quilt
One of the tenets of the Sydney Modern Quilt Guild is to contribute back to the community by contributing charity quilts and acts of service.

To that end, we're putting together two quilts for entry in the Sydney Quilt Show (June 2013), one of which will be from Tacha Bruecher's famous Hexa-Go-Go book. Tacha has even offered to put together a block herself, for which we are very very grateful!

Hexa go go
(Photo of one of the quilts in Hexa-Go-Go.)

The quilts will be raffled or auctioned off after the Quilt Show and the proceeds donated to a charity that specialises in the care and support of women displaced by domestic violence. we wanted something very specifically female-oriented (which is not to say that men don't experience domestic violence, only that due to the nature of society, women often find themselves without legal or financial support when relationships turn bad).

These are my blocks to make (I took a whole row):

Hexagogo packets

Incidentally, if you would like to contribute a block - whether you're Australian or an international - it would be wonderful if you would mail us at the Sydney MQG (sydneymodernquiltguild at gmail dot com) and we'll send you one of the kits (if you specify a preferred colour, we should be able to accomodate that).

There are more details in this post, but the short of it is that you'll work from your stash, you'll be paper-piecing a block to a color map, and sending it back to us, along with a few extra strips for the borders of your block. We're looking to have this done by the end of January 2013, so time is a factor, but if you're willing and able over the Christmas/New Year period, we'd love all the help we can get!

TARDIS Teapot Rug
For a friend presently stationed in Germany. The square of fabric was from Spoonflower back when I first discovered printable fabrics. I got it because, hey, TARDISes! (TARDII?) *geeks out*

TARDIS teapot rug

We're actually sending a care package to Germany, although she's coming back home for Christmas. Then, when she gets back to Germany, she'll have a box full of goodies from home! Among which we've sent a teapot and tea. And now a TARDIS Teapot Rug. If I can get it quilted and bound in the next couple of days. Ugh. NO TIME.

Gift Quilts
I'll be travelling through the USA next September, San Francisco, Atlanta, probably North Carolina/Virginia, and then New York, before heading out to Europe (Venice and Italy). Big trip!

Since I'll be staying with friends along the way, I'd like to give them all quilts as gifts. As well as wanting to get a bunch of quilts over to friends in the US that I stayed with time after time in the noughties before I started quilting.

So, the plan is to make a lot of quilts, take over a lot of quilts, gift a lot of quilts...and then come back with ALL THE FABRIC.

One of the quilts I'm going to make is for an Egyptophile, which is why I was very excited when Robert Kaufman brought out the Valley Of The Kings fabric line a couple of years back:

Valley of the Kings

I'd really like the panel if I could find it, but I didn't get the FQ bundle and so, no panel. Anyone know where I could find one?


And that's my rather long WIP Wednesday post!

How about yours? Have you linked up? Have you commented on other people's projects?


  1. Woohoo!!! What a great finish :) You must just beam every time you look at Eternity.

  2. EEEK! Look at it!! Amazing!! And the quilting is fantastic! Congratulations :D

  3. Great finishes!!! I emailed the Sydney guild, i'd love to help with a block or 2 if needed!!

  4. Eternity looks absolutely amazing!! Your quilting on it is fantastic - love that it has Eternity quilted into it! Seriously fabulous quilt! Well done on such a great finish!

  5. That Eternity quilt is *incredible*!!

    Are you up DC way when you make your trek next year?

  6. Just beautiful! Well done :-) I especially like how you quilted the word Eternity in the middle.

  7. Wow! Eternity is amazing! And the quilting is gorgeous! Congrats on a great finishe!

  8. Congrats on a fantastic finish!

  9. It looks amazing! Congrats on being done! :)

  10. Wow! Your Eternity quilt is amazing! Congrats!

  11. I'm glad to see your quilt. It's awesome! Upcoming Hexa looks also great.

  12. Oh my gosh, the eternity quilt is phenomenal.

  13. I adore your eternity quilt! AND the quilting! Where are you going to use it?

  14. I adore your eternity quilt! AND the quilting! Where are you going to use it?


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