Saturday, July 31, 2021

Swarm II

So, six years ago I made the quilt Swarm. And it was hugely popular and very much beloved by my instafolk. It got accepted to Quiltcon and I sent it there for display, but rather than bring it home for my collection, I sent it to friends in the US who had hosted me many times before.

"Swarm" - photographed square! Such a labour of love and inspiration. And yes, @2bees, I'm filling out the competition forms now! #swarmbysel

I probably should have checked that they wanted it first. And they're too polite to give it back if they don't like it. (In that way that 'polite' means 'refusing a gift is uncharitable and one Does Not Do That'. Very southern.) Also, we're not on speaking terms right now: I think she believes I'm stupid for 'living in lockdown (ie. "fear")' and I think she's headed for 'everyone who isn't on my political side is wrong, and moreover, anti-American' territory, if not already there.

So Swarm is more or less lost to me. Which means I should really put together a Swarm II. I had plans for one about four years ago, for my spiritual mentor at the time who loved purples and lavenders, and who I was going to make something for. We kind of lost touch - I think she might have been going through some deconstruction, and her husband was dealing with an autoimmune disease and, well, we didn't get around to meeting up and just lost touch.

I have found better ways to do the Swarm Quilt, although it's still going to be a very piece-y quilt. I just need to write them out and put them together. I say this a lot.

Wednesday, July 28, 2021

Lockdown Looking Forward

Welp, Sydney is in lockdown and has been for four weeks.

It's likely to go quite a bit longer - if we're out before the end of September, I'll be pretty surprised. I could post about why, but that's not for this blog.

So, let's look at what I'm going to do quilting-wise during lockdown.

get together backings for:

  • my church friends quilts: the Rooftop Penny Patches: Yv, Me, Ca, Lo, Ru
  • 3:10 to mendocino
  • Valley of Kings
  • De La Luna Penny Patch
  • scarlet split squares
  • ...among others
Yeesh, I have a lot of quilt tops!


  • finish column 4 of Handsewing project: the restless hands of Sel
  • finish mum's handbag
  • finish another scrap postage stamp
  • finish The Floor Is Lava
  • get the pieces cut up and sorted for the Plaidish Quilt

I might even try to wrestle the monstrosity of Break Free Or Build Upon through my quilting machine. Or maybe save that for a group sewing day when there's space and time.

At some point I really want to do another Swarm. I have a post about it and everything.

I've already sewn 2 stars for the Restless Hands, put together a Postage Stamp Quilt, edged a number of handkerchiefs, finished a couple of masks, and sorted through one box of scraps. So that's not terrible.