Sunday, June 23, 2013

2013 Sydney Quilt Show!

Last Friday, I ventured out with Penny Poppleton to the 2013 Sydney Quilt Show. And many beautiful quilts were seen!

Unfortunately, permission must be sought to display the quilts, and so I can only show you the three quilts I had a hand in making, and Penny Poppleton's lovely modern quilt.

Firstly, the finished Rainbow Connection!


Doesn't it look stunning?

It was attracting a lot of attention in the show. I don't know about the shows in other places in the world, but the Quilt Show here in Sydney skews traditional. At the Sydney Modern Quilt Guild, we're hoping to balance that out in the next couple of years. If you're a modern quilter here in Australia, certainly think about submitting a quilt to the show next year!

We're still working out if we should sell it or raffle it off. Any suggestions from people who've done this before?

Then there was my Santorini Sun And Sky.

I was trying for a quilting design like little whirlpools in the sea. I don't think it turned out too bad, although I think the quilting patterns detracts from the pattern design.


It was also pretty distinctive in its row - very modern, with all that white/cream and blue and yellow!

And, of course, Eternity.

I think it looks pretty super with the black background! A lovely, colourful contrast!


Trying to work out how to hang it was horrible - I said I'd attach fishing line to the top corners of the quilt at first, but it proved impossible to see; I ended up sewing ribbons instead.


I really have to work out what I'm going to do with this one. I don't really have anywhere to display it at my house just now...

And Penny Poppleton's quilt (the name of which I have completely forgotten):


Lovely and simple and modern!

Anyway, now that Quilt Show 2013 is over, it's time to focus on Quilt Show 2014!

Tee-hee! Not quite! (Although I do have some ideas...)

Trip Quilts 2013 - due to be completed by the end of August (when I leave for the US). I need to have made a dent in my fabric by then, because I want to come back from the US with a whole lot more fabric.



  1. Such beautiful quilts! Your eternity quilt is really very special. Is there a museum or gallery in Sydney that has an exhibition about the guy who used to write eternity everywhere? Would you consider loaning it to a museum or gallery? I think so many people would enjoy seeing it :) just a thought :)

  2. Beautiful quilts! I did not realize how big your eternity quilt was until you see someone standing next to it. It is absolutely stunning!


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