Wednesday, May 7, 2014

WIP Wednesday: the one with so many teeny tiny pieces!


And again, work on the Passacaglia, and the Oh My! None on the Quilt Show Quilts.

But I have to start, because I got my acceptance letters and they have to be done and to the collection point by the start of July.

Quilt show acceptance

no movement

Do You Know Where You're Going To?: I've started drawing up layouts, working out which blocks need to go where to fill in the gaps. Exactly how I'm going to match it all up and get it flat I don't know.

And then there's the quilting.

I have a basic design in mind, but I'm going to need something considerably more detailed than that when I actually get around to it.

Mondrian's Nine-Patch: Six nine-patches a week and two on Sundays?

Millefiori Passacaglia

I got some of the colour schemes worked out:

Millefiori Madness

Debating the rose-coloured circle again. I think I'll leave it - just this one rosette. It's the only 'complete' rosette in the quilt - Rosette 1, as Willyne calls it - the others are all part-rosettes in various ways, shapes and forms.

Millefiori Madness

Millefiori Madness

Two Rosette 2s, which aren't really needed until later in the piece - I'm going to try to make one 'corner' of the quilt for putting together, since I'm not sure how far the pieces are going to stretch - I only got the Partial Millefiori Pack from, not the complete one.

Lots of centre stars and white pentagons needed. And star-points.

Oh, so many star-points.

Millefiori Madness

Millefiori Madness

Those thirty-two points were done during this morning's commute - 3x 10-minute blocks of travel.

You know, if I had all day to do this and I was focused enough - I could probably get this quilt done in a couple of months. But I don't, and I'm not.

Next year's Quilt Show is soon enough, I think.

Oh My!

Starting to sew the blocks together and iron them. I think I'll make several borders for this quilt - one in the background fabric, and one in the colours.

Millefiori Madness

To Do

The Great Aussie Destash

Sold some on FB, but not as much as hoped. Australia Post is, unfortunately, prohibitively expensive, and I don't know if I can cut down the price.

Still destashing. Lots of fabric to go!

Millefiori Madness

Will have to sit down, measure, label, catalogue, and photograph this lot. *sigh*

So I shouldn't be looking at the fabrics at my LQS sale, should I?

Millefiori Madness

*sighs again*


It's Mother's Day this weekend in Australia. Happy Mother's Day to the mothers reading this! (Australian or not. :D)


  1. You are showing great perseverance. It looks fantastic!

  2. hi Sel,
    i bow to your courage, i look at all those pièces and think - that's just too much work for me :p
    can't wait to see the final result .

    1. almost forgot, thank you so much for the snowflake tutorial, it was very helpul !

  3. Your EPP projects are looking great - you have a lot on the go at the moment. You are right about our postal rates - often cheaper to pay for shipping from the other side of the world than from the next town in Australia.

  4. Good luck with finishing on time! Just try not to drive yourself crazy. :-)

  5. Wow, your EPP project is amazingly intense. I'm doing a Grandmother's Flower Garden that (unfortunately) has been totally stalled for at least 6 months. Time to get it out and work on it again.... but summer is coming, and hand sewing in the summer in Florida is... um, not fun. But I guess the trick is to keep after it and eventually it will be done, right? And don't worry about the de-stashing - enjoy the sale at your LQS! =)


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