Wednesday, July 2, 2014

WIP Wednesday: the one with Cotton and Steel!

I'm all quilted out this week!

I offloaded a heap of stash to a friend's mother whose quilting group will use it instead of just storing it.

Show quilts are done and handed in. And next week is the 2014 Sydney Quilt Show! I'm looking forward to seeing all the lovely quilts, and catching up with Sydney quilters all over the region.


Show Quilts

I couldn't change the quilt name in time for the show, so "Do You Know Where You're Going To" is still "Walkabout"'s label of the quilt in the show. Ah well. That one will be one to hang on a wall somewhere in the house.


"Mondrian Dreaming", on the other hand, will be gifted out to one of my friends. Exactly whom, I'm not entirely sure. We'll see who wants it, I guess!


Not much movement - I was so focused on finishing the show quilts that I put everything else on hold.

Friendship Supernova Swap

First supernova friendship block done!

The yellow checks keep the focus on the centre, I think. This is for my swap partner; the one behind (less well made) is for me. #supernovafriendship #blockswap

Now to start on the next one! I'll use a few of the fabrics from this one in the next one, and add some more based on the fabrics in the block that I receive from my swap buddy. I figure that will even out the colour choices of the quilt overall and make it more even-handed.

No Movement

- Rainbow Snowflakes: still up on the board

- Passacaglia: still in the handsewing bag with no progress

- six quilt backings and their tops to my quilter: nope.


Find and buy a house!

Our house is being sold, contracts exchanged on Friday, six weeks to settlement. We then have three months to vacate the place before the bulldozers turn up (since it's being developed) which means finding somewhere that my sister B1 and myself can afford to live.

Let's just say that Sydney isn't very affordable right now. *sigh*

However it turns out, it means I'm going to have to start sorting out my sewing supplies, because we'll definitely be moving to a much smaller place, and while I will get a room for my crafts, it will be much smaller and will need to be considerably better organised! I'm going to have to work out a system that's better than "toss it in this drawer and I'll find it later". Which is my current system and it doesn't always work very well!

other things

Ooh! I got to have a look-feel at Cotton+Steel in the flesh on Saturday. Sydney quilt shop Kim Bradley's Creations had the RJR C+s reps come in, and I went to check out the samples!

Walkabout, Mondrian Dreaming, Cotton+Steel

It is a lovely collection, but the colour combination is not quite me. I did pre-order the Basics collection, though - those will be useful - and a few of the fabrics that I think will look better as pieces of clothing than in my quilts.

If you're in Australia and looking for this collection, Kim Bradley's Creations is ordering in the ENTIRE COLLECTION in bolts, and selling them in FQ bundles. With a payment plan if you can't afford all 140-something prints at once! They're supposed to be arriving this week and will be on sale at the Sydney Quilt Show next week. And after this lot is gone (and it will go) there isn't anything more scheduled to come in until after August!

Blogger Sherri at "A Quilting Life" put together a Summer Organisation Series for cleaning up quilting spaces. Looking through it, I found it pretty useful. And I suspect I'm going to need it. See above re: "current system of organisation". I've been thinking that I might start putting my scraps ( < F8 size) into the boxes that fit in my IKEA EXPEDIT bookshelf (4x4). It would mean I couldn't see them easily, but I'd only pull out the scraps when I'm actually making a scrap quilt. And I don't need to be reminded that they're there - scraps are an inevitable by-product of the quilting process and somewhat unavoidable. I do need to work out exactly how small they are before I should just throw them out or start using them as cushion padding (or something, IDEK).

Finally, I still have a bunch of stash fabrics to sell - more 'traditional' prints, fewer modern ones. And quite a bit of coloured homespun. Maybe I can piece it together for curtains in the new house?

Anyway, that's me. Hope you've been busy, and thanks for stopping by!


  1. Downsizing is always so hard--as is finding another home. I hope they prove easier than you're thinking right now.

  2. Love the flying geese quilt - beautiful choice of solids!


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