Thursday, May 14, 2015

WIP Wednesday: the one with Tula scraps

Not much to report. Kind of did myself in with all the sewing the other weekend; this week has been The Writing Week instead.


Tula Pink MiniQuilts

Yeah, I kept going with the scraps after my #aussietulapinkswap was done.

WIP Wednesday may

The quilting is very experimental, although it looks great from a distance. I'm just...I feel bad about giving it away as a gift to a quilty person who I feel will be all "ugh, they're giving me this - but it's so bad!"

WIP Wednesday may

I've been the recip of an "ugh, this was badly made" gift before; it's not fun, and so I try not to be That Person.

WIP Wednesday may

I have another set of half-square-ish triangles blocks which I'm going to use to make another one.

Swarm By Sel

Or: why I will never win a show.

My seams are entirely too flexible.

WIP Wednesday may

WIP Wednesday may

Another six rows put together. And I'm running out of small triangle blocks. Which means a whole new set of making is going to be necessary.

It's going to get messy...

Other things

1. Thinking of buying a Bernina 750 QE - assuming I can get one at Kim Bradley Creations' VIP Sale tonight. Not sure I'll make it in time to snag a machine, though. I also need more of the C+S neutral basics to finish Swarm.

2. Going to need to do a lot of sewing this weekend. I was hoping to have Swarm done by Quiltmarket, just to have something to show off amidst the stream of fabric envy posts.

3. I really don't like the new Flickr update - in order to share a picture now, I have to select the 'share' button, select the size, select the code, and 'cut' it for pasting to, say, a blog post. That's four discrete actions, as comapred to the two it used to be. The size used to be automatic to the last setting, and the code was already selected.

Why the extra steps? Unless they plan to put advertising into the whitespace, like they do everything else. I'm a computer programmer, I know about user experience - and this is BAD user experience.

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  1. I like the look of your wonky diamonds on the white field. What is it you are not happy about with the quilting? It is not clear from the pictures that there is anything a quilty person would be concerned about. Love the fabrics and the crispness of the hexagon and diamond quilt. It looks so fresh and summery.

    1. It feels so...messy, I suppose. Not perfect and beautiful and elegant. (The perils of Instagram?) I'm just worried that the recip might think it's not perfect and so...

    2. I am sure the recipient will be thrilled! I do think Instagram and blogs can have us thinking our quilts have to compare to those of professional long-arm quilters, which can be quite discouraging. I also think once a quilt is trimmed up, bound and washed, it always looks that much better :)

  2. Please don't put yourself down like that, I think your quilting looks great, we are always our own worst critics. Remember that when you are quilting you are close to your work so it may not look as good as you would like, but once you view it from a distance, (as it is meant to be viewed) then it looks lovely. Wait till you bind it and then re-evaluate how you feel about it. You would enjoy the B750QE, I have one and love it.

    1. Thanks for your encouragement. It's so easy to put myself down.

      And I haven't ended up getting the machine after all. They didn't have any in stock for the sale, and I didn't feel like going for the 550 QE instead. I'll just get my old machine fixed for zigzags and basic stuff...


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