Monday, September 12, 2016

2016 Q3 Finish-Along: #5 - Curtains!

This post is for the 2016 Finish-along Q3.

My original post is here and the Curtains are Item #5 on the list.

So, it's been a while since I actually posted anything here. Sorry about that - I went on holiday and then work came back with a vengeance and... So many things going on! It's been a busy winter for me...and we're heading into spring.

However, let's talk domestic for a moment.

We moved into the house in late 2014, and one of the things I wished to do was make curtains for my room and the lounge/dining rooms. It is now 2016, and I've done most of the curtains in most of the rooms. Emphasis on 'most of':

My bedroom curtains:
One set of curtains down... Four to go!

The workroom curtains (technically it's *my* workroom since all my sister has is a filing cabinet in the corner, and she uses the dining room as her workspace):
Workroom curtains 1

Sewing room curtains all done!

The dining room curtains, which I finished just before I left to go on my 2016 Round-the-World trip:

And a shot by night from the inside:
Curtain call! Alas only one half of it - have the other half yet to do!

And just this week I completed the living room side curtains with the Concerto quilt pattern by Alyssa of Pile O'Fabric:


And laying out on the floor before finishing with the cat.

When I get the rings for hanging in the windows, I'll take another photo and put it up here: stay tuned!

Now there's just the front window curtains to do - and those are the BIGGIES...

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