Tuesday, April 10, 2012

New York Beauty

Sew Sweetness

The New York Beauty Block quilt seems to be one of those things you have to be in the mood to do!

I finally picked my colours, printed out some templates and began sewing things together! I'm going with strong reds and yellows for the spikes and curve fills, blues batik-washes for the background, and greens for the centres, with other colours to be included as required.

Block 0 was relatively painless to make and looks quite good!

New York beauty: block 0

But I'm a bit annoyed with my colour choices for Block 1 because the orange half-spikes blend into the red background rather than contrasting as I wanted.

New York Beauty: block 5

Oh well. I'm not going to make that block again! Far too finicky to do more than once! I will make another Block 0, though, seeing as I have the pattern printed out and it's quite an easy block to make. And maybe I'll switch the colours around to mix things up a bit. Could be interesting...

New York Beauty: blocks 0 & 5

That's photographed in artificial light. I might try to take a decent one by daylight tomorrow.

I have to do some more cutting out of pieces for Blocks 5, 7, and 8, but will hope to get at least one down, maybe two, by later this week.

But currently, they're in little plastic bags, with their notes on assembly, waiting to get the rest of their pieces so they can be sewn together!

New York Beauty: pieces

Naturally I don't like my colour choices right now as much as I like the colour choices of some of the others in the flickr group.

There's just so much variation and style in the photos in the flickr group! I love how quilting is at once a mix of the pattern you're using and the fabric choices the quilter makes.

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  1. well I think they look great - impressed by everyone that's doing these!


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