Wednesday, April 25, 2012

The Law of Creative Contrariness!

The law of Creative Contrariness states that:
If you have the time to do something, you won't have the inclination to do it, or you'll find yourself stumped the instant you try. If you don't have the time to do something, you'll instantly be besieged by creativity for that project and will promptly curse your timetable.
How well, I know this!

After two days back in full-time work, doing almost nothing creatively, I have used today (a public holiday) mercilessly to do the things that I didn't have the brainspace to do back when I had the time to do them, and for which I now have not the time to do them, but apparently have the brainspace!

So, this morning I wrote 1000 words in 2 hours. I haven't done that for months. MONTHS. And then I set out to lay out and finish sewing together the top of a baby quilt and did that in another 2 hours!

But since that's going to be a full quilt-and-bind job, that's in the WIP section.

I did one project finish - it nearly stayed WIP forever - and moved a little on several WIPs, while a whole bunch of things continue to sit still.

Whoa! (Finished)

Only one thing got finished this week - my eReader cover:

 HST reader cover

It was supposed to be part of the HST Festival, but life got busy and the kitchen project got messy and I never ended up having the time.

Besides, it's not exactly a quality piece of work, I'm afraid!

 H ST reader cover back  

Faster! Faster! (WIPs)

My friend, Ness, has a niece and a nephew coming along in May and commissioned some quilts for them! We went shopping, picked out the fabrics, and all was good.

Baby  quilt in pieces

Okay, except for the bit where I forgot that the stripey material (not pictured) was supposed to be the binding and chopped it up for blocks. Oops!

But this morning I laid it all out, didn't let the nagging voice that points out it's nowhere near as good as a quilt from RPQ stop me, and sewed the damn thing together!

Baby quilt#1

Huzzah for finished baby quilt top! Now I just have to finish the other - and decide if I'm going to do roughly the same thing, or if I'm going to mix it up a bit. Any thoughts?

Baby quilt#2

I might start fussy-cutting the blocks when I get home from bible study potluck tonight.

Giddyap! (Needs a jolly good kick in the pants) 

- Mum's Impstar
- Hidden Harvest
- Go Back To The Mountain, Turn The Quilt Around  

To do
- New York Beauty blocks 7, 8, 6, 2, and 4
- Birthday Blocks - still two blocks to do by May
- Books and Blocks Bee block for April - still sitting in a bag on the shelf, waiting for the Kona White to be cut...

 Now, go and take a squiz at Lee's link-up over at Freshly Pieced!

(ps. I do not like the new Blogger post interface. At all.)


  1. What's wrong with your e-reader cover, I really like it! And your are absolutely right about time/inclination to be creative...

  2. I love your e-reader cover. Looks great to me. The baby quilt is beautiful,too.

  3. All your work looks great! And I also, share your dislike of the new Blogger. What's that sayin.... if it ain't broke, don't fix it???

  4. Love the e-reader case/cover,and the baby quilt top is sweet too!
    Hate the new blogger interface :(


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