Thursday, April 18, 2013

Aunty's Quilt: now with actual design!

Last night I did a bunch of cutting, layout out, arranging, organising, and came up with a design that's more me (although still not entirely to my tastes) and still manages to hold to my aunt's style.

Apologies for the dodgy pictures. Bad light and not-so-great photographer!

Aunty quilt on the design floor. Yes I have a wall but it's already in use. Making extra work for myself, but I prefer this layout so much more! #quilting #quilt

There'll be a thin green border around the 9x9 block configuration, and then the pieced borders.

Backing will be a big bitsa. All those browns/greens/foresty/woodlandy fabrics that I bought back when I first started buying fabric and which I now no longer like.

Ah, the learning curves of fabric preference!

I'm not the only one, surely? Have you ever bought fabric which seemed like a great idea at the time, and then when you pulled it out of stash was just not your thing.

Lunchtime today will involve trimming the HST and 4-patch blocks down to 4.5" square. (That's probably why the Jacob's Ladder Quilt I initially created with them was so wonky - the sizes varied ridiculously.)

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  1. What a nice way to spotlight a print. Love what you came up with :)


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