Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Aunty's Quilt

While over for dinner last Father's Day (September in Australia), my aunt spotted some of my quilting supplies and was particularly taken by a 'traditional US harvest' fabric I bought for the bright colours but which soon palled beneath the attraction of modern brights.

She wanted the fabric. Not even a quilt. "Just sew an edge on it and I will spread it on my bed!"

Yeah, like that was gonna happen.

She's getting a quilt. Perhaps not as full-blown as I would like - after all, one of the issues I had with this fabric is that it's such a large print with so many colours. It's either going to completely dominate, or get cut into teeny-tiny pieces.

I chose to let it completely dominate, and to add in some blocks that I've had in the works since, oh, gosh, it might be as far back as 2006? My friend Bec got married and I have her and her hubs a wedding quilt. I'm not even sure I have the original photo anywhere!

Oh wait, I do!

Jacob's Ladder.

bec&chris quilt
Don't look too long, I made it before I realised the meaning of the words "squaring up"! (Okay, so I still don't square up as often as I should, but my seams are much better these days!)

But that pink and dark gold fabric? That was originally the red-and-gold blocks in here:

Aunty's quilt
I thought they were a little too stark for the movement in the Jacob's Ladder, and have had them lying around for pretty much forever. They're a bit too stark in this one, too, but I don't think my aunt will mind too much. And I need something to bulk out the quilt size a little.

The column fabric down the sides is another harvest fabric I bought - actually, it's the one I used in the Jacob's Ladder.

I don't like this design, but my aunt was very insistent about "oh, don't do anything with it" but I can't leave it plain - I know some people do wholecloth quilts with beautiful quilting, but that's not really me. Quilting is design and layout and colour and pattern and tricking the eye.



  1. I am guessing the fabric your aunt likes is the one with the gold flowers? I like you am not a big fan of panel quilts but here is one that looks nice to me...

    I think if you can find the right print outside border and add a couple thinner solids (yellow and purple?) you can make it lovely....

  2. I like it as it is. The purple border then the smaller pattern work well together. She will love it!


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