Wednesday, February 11, 2015

WIP: the one with the curtain call

Not much to report this week on the WIP front. Going away for the entire weekend, and then working all day Monday and Tuesday makes it difficult to get things done in the quilting room. And coming down with a cold doesn't help at all. The only reason I'm in at work today is because a client booked me to do some work today, and I can't really delay it because there's a bunch of other things that all need to be done at the same time.

But on to the WIPs...


I started on the Millefiori Madness again:

Things of early February

I need to stop thinking about how much still needs to be done or I'll go mad.

Also, I need to stop fretting that everyone else's Passacaglia looks nicer than mine, because they're fussy-cutting the fabric and it looks really stunning when you fussy-cut the Passacaglia.

But I didn't really get very much further with any of my blocks. They will have to be in the 'spare time/space' of the next few days, I think.

Other things

So, we moved into the new house some four months ago. Just after Christmas, we got our curtain railings, and started taking down the vertical blinds on the windows. Putting up the curtain railings meant we had pretty railings...but we didn't yet have curtains for the railings. Which meant empty windows, open to the street.

I hung up some quilt tops to give us a little bit of privacy, although there were gaps.

I really need to make some real curtains. Although this is a good reminder of what still needs backing and quilting!

And, as I discovered on a hot day last week, the sunlight was warping my cutting mat, which is sitting in front of the west-facing window of my workroom.

Clearly, curtains were necessary. I had plans for curtains anyway, using RK Essex Linen, I just had to decide on a collection/colour/pattern. Kate Spain's Terrain fabric presented itself as a viable option, and for some reason I decided to do it in a colour-wave of triangles.

Workroom curtains 1

I finished one the other week, and put it up. (Half a window covered is better than none!) My sister approved. (She doesn't always.)

Workroom curtains 1

And just last night I finished the second one to mirror the first while finishing my re-watch of Marvel's Agents of SHIELD Season 1. (Time to break out Season 2!)

Things of early February

And here's a pic of everything finished and hung!

Things of early February

Now there's just the dining room window, and the two lounge room of which is a full 2.5m drop.

I'm thinking I'll make two matching-and-mirrored 'quilt tops' for the big window, and just hang them up. Does anyone remember the name of that quilt pattern with the squares on the diagonal that looked like some of them were falling into place (or falling out of place)? It had a musical terminology name: Allegra or Symphony or something. (It wasn't those and I can't remember the name.) Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?


Finally, while I was away on the weekend...I bought a working Singer Featherweight!

Things of early February

It's a bit heavier than a feather...


This coming week is blocks. Lots and lots of blocks.

So what have you been doing this week?


  1. Your curtains are wonderful. And that sewing It's one thing that's on my bucket list. To find a working featherweight.

  2. Great curtains. And I like the quilt on the right up in the top picture!

  3. I love how you made those curtains. What a fun way to make them super festive and quilty!

  4. That looks more like a Singer 99K. A featherwight does not come in a box like that. It comes in a black box and you remove the thing to use. The bed of the machine folds up. What a fun idea to make the curtains.

  5. Love your curtains. The quilt you are thinking of is Concerto

    1. Oh, thank you, Pam! That's exactly the one! (And I simply couldn't think of the name!)


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