Wednesday, October 5, 2011

WIP Wednesday #23

In the Spring, a quilter's fancy turns to Quilt-Alongs!

Okay, so it's actually Autumn (or Fall) in the Northern Hemi, but it's definitely spring down here, and wherever you are, there seems to be another QAL happening!

I'm not joining them all. Maybe just one. Or two. But no more than three - and that's final!

(Does anyone else find QALs deeply addictive? "QALs: the new crack...")

Anyway, the current ones are the Dead Simple QAL (on which I've done nothing more than pick out the colours), and the Quilt Blogger's Uber-Fest. However, the 12 Days Of Christmas QAL is also beckoning me...along with all that black and gold and silver fabric I purchased a couple of years back... It needs using, doesn't it? Doesn't it??

For the Quilt Blogger's Uber-Fest QAL, I'm using one of the colourways I picked out for the Dead Simple QAL - Petaled Purples:

Dead Simple QAL: Petaled purples

I'll throw in a few more fabrics, and maybe a couple of contrasting colours to give it a bit of vim and vigour. But we're starting pretty and purple!

The first block is by John Adams of Quilt Dad, and is called Taking Flight:

quilt uberfest - block 1

I'm kind of pleased that it actually came out the right size and with the points accurate! The arrow effect was unexpected but not entirely bad, I think.

I'll start the next block by Kaye Prince of Miss Print tomorrow or Friday. It's called Flying North and looks reasonably easy - a cross between a double Flying Geese and a log cabin.


Still choosing colours! (I know, I'm terrible...)

I'm caught between Autumn Leaf and Fallen Hues.

Autumn Leaf:

Dead Simple QAL : autumn leaf

I like this one - it's bright and bold and the blues/greys keep it from getting too uppity. The downside is that this is mostly solids or small prints, and I want a better spread of mixed-size prints since this is going to be Dead Simple.

Fallen Hues:

Dead Simple QAL: fallen hues

But I like this one because it's got a range of patterns as well as a range of colours. However, I'm thinking this palette would do better for an Autumn Leaf Quilt I've been thinking of making for a while.

*gnaws nails in indecision*

Harvest Half-Square Triangle Quilt
Got the Harvest HSTs all sewn together this it's fun with layouts!

Layout 1:
harvest hst quilt: layout 1

Layout 2:
harvest hay quilt: layout 2

Layout 3:
harvest hst quilt: layout 3

Right now, I'm tending towards Layout 3, with the 'excess blocks' going towards a pieced back. I like the 'framing' effect. But Layout 2 works pretty well for me, too!

I gotta admit though...all those 'spotty' fabrics are making me itchy! I bought the fabric about five years ago and never used it, although I had ideas. This was probably one of the simplest designs I could think of - because these fabric patterns are bizay!

There won't be much progress in anything this coming week. My Dad is coming to stay with us from Thursday until next Tuesday, and he'll be sleeping in my sewing room! I just hope he doesn't try to 'organise' my fabric for me. (Last time he was here, he 'organised' the sister's book collection such that she couldn't find anything after he left.) *facepalm*

I love my Dad, but there are times when 'helpful' just isn't all that helpful, you know?

No Progress
- Mum's Impstar - got to cut up more squares again
- Supernova - still needs binding: undecided on the binding to use.


  1. Haha. I'm TOTALLY quilt-along addicted! I forgot I was planning on following Uber-fest. Um, thanks for reminding me...

    I like Fallen Leaves.

    I like layout #2.

  2. Lots going on here! I like layout 3!

  3. It all looks great! I decided to stay away from Uberfest, because I'm a little too many right now :) but the first block is already so cute that I may give in and do it!

  4. This is my first visit here..and I love what I see. Go with the Fallen Hues,please; for something is beautiful..but I do like the purple

    And the 3rd layout is the one for me....thought they are all very nice....keep up the great work.

  5. I'm doing the Dead Simple Quilt along also. I've chosen an Autumn palette, though now I've seen yours I want to swap! But I'd take out the busy print and just keep the rest. That would make the "leaf" colours really pop for me. Layout no. 2 is my choice. Can't wait to see how it turns out!


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