Wednesday, October 19, 2011

WIP Wednesday #25

Very fast and dirty , I'm afraid. I seriously haven't done much quilting this week.

That's because of this:
Simplicity 2172 - Calico

For Halloween, my friend Jenn is holding a Halloween party as the American among Australians. And this was the pattern for my costume - Simplicity 2172 - a 'Victorian-style' outfit, with elements of steampunk. It's a calico to test the pattern (hence the different sleeves) - and it's just as well that I made a calico first, because I picked the wrong size for the outfit. (Note to self: US size 12 ≠ AUS size 12.)

I don't know if it'll be my costume for Halloween, because I'll be away from home Friday through till next Thursday, and I have to make a coat and the skirt in the 'real' fabric, and I just don't think I'll have time.

It's still a WIP. And it's still Wednesday. It counts!

Actual Quilting-y Things Done This Week

Dead Simple QAL
I sewed together the top for the Dead Simple QAL.
Dead Simple QAL

Isn't it pretty? I have to say: I often question the colour choices I make when putting quilts together. Somehow, though, they usually turn out okay! It's a mystery - a good one, but still a mystery!

Sanctuary Kaleidoscope

After months and months of toil, the Sanctuary Kaleidoscope is in the final stages of binding and will be gifted on Sunday. The recipient claims she loves orange, brown, and pink; I hope she's not just being nice!

Photos will follow when it's done.

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Awaiting Binding
- Supernova quilt

Go forth and see how quilty and inventive other people are getting!


  1. I love these colors together! Very fall (although I know this is spring for you!)

  2. love your quilt....fall but soft to look at...nice job

  3. It's amazing the difference it makes to take a pile of fabric and then sew them together. They seem to meld soo much better!

  4. Love the steam punk. You should check out urban threads blog. They sell embroidery files, but the have a ton of steam punk costumes!


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