Wednesday, October 12, 2011

WIP Wednesday #24

I got more stuff done than expected this week:

Dad staying in the lounge room (sewing room) wasn't as much of a barrier to quilting as I thought. He had some work that still needed doing, so he'd work on that, and I'd work at my sewing table, putting stuff together!

New Starts

This week, I finalised my fabrics and began cutting up the Dead Simple QAL using the Fallen Hues palette.

Dead Simple QAL - laid out!

I'm liking it a lot, actually. The grey-greens and muted greens are tricky to balance, but the warm golds and autumn reds really give it that balance it needs. I feel like it might need a few more dark green squares, but otherwise. I think I'll sew it all together, add a border, and that'll be it! Simple!


Like I said, I could quilt while Dad was in the house, and I did: three quilt blocks on Thursday night!

South For Winter by @savinggrc:
uberfest: south for winter

Flying North by Kaye Prince of Miss Print:
Quilt Uberfest: Flying North

Cabin In The Woods by Konda Luckau of Moose On The Porch Quilts:
Quilt uberfest: cabin in the woods

And all four blocks-so-far together!
Quilt UberFest 2011

Gotta download the rest of the patterns and start on the next, oh, six blocks...

Mum's Impstar Quilt
I also got some more Impstars done on Saturday evening!

Mum's ImpStar - 7 blocks

The final quilt will have them sashed and posted - white-gold for the sashing, the green for the posting, I think. And there may be a couple of panels which aren't blocks at all - just visual squares for the eye to rest upon.

Not To Hold, But To Bind
- Supernova quilt
- Sanctuary Kaleidoscope: back from the quilter and ready to rumble! And my stepbrother's cat gave it her approval!

sanctuary kaleidoscope - with feline approval
Thanks, Dara. :)

- Harvest HSTs

- The Farmer's Wife Quilt-Along
Yes, I have finally caved in! My friend Jenn over at Penny Poppleton got the book but hasn't been able to get any machine sewing done due to her new addition to the household, so the book has been seconded to me for a while.

Finally, I took a roll-call of all the quilt tops I've finished this year - more than I remembered, actually! I thought I was only up to #7 or #8, but I've completed nine tops!

Do you realise that's more quilt tops in the last year than I'd made in the nine years before that?


  1. I used to sew on the dining table and my husband would sit on the sofa next to it, I always loved that. Now I almost feel lonely in my studio...
    Very nice projects, I particularly like the stars!

  2. wow you have a lot of great projects going on! love those purples!

  3. 9 tops is awesome! Your blocks look great.

  4. Love your fabric for Lynne's DSQAL! It's completely opposite of mine which just goes to show...all fabric is beautiful!!
    I finally moved off my dining room table and into a room just for sewing...I think I'm lonely in there, although I'd never admit it out loud!

  5. Wow, you have a lot going on! The Quilt-Uber-Fest blocks are gorgeous, LOVE your colors. Thanks for linking up to WIP Wednesday. : )


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