Thursday, October 6, 2011

Quilt-top Roll-call of 2011 - the story so far

Tops completed in 2011:
1. Penny Batik

2. Modern Rail Fence

3. Central Park Boxes

4. Supernova

5. Sanctuary Kaleidoscope

6. Santorini Sun And Sea

7. The Colour Of Magic

8. Gothic Summer Sampler

9. Go Back To The Jungle, Turn The World Around

(a.k.a. "the fabric that went to the quilter's a backing and came back a quilt")

Quilt tops on the schedule to be done by the end of the year:
- UberQuilt Blogfest: This is crazy fun and really easy. Lots of HSTs and log cabins, and while the palette is a little too purple/pink for my tastes, I think it's going to work pretty nicely.

- Mum's Impstar: I've finally got enough fabric, now I must start cutting out blocks and sewing them all together. Goal is to get this done, quilted and bound in time for Christmas.

- Harvest HSTs: I don't much like this quilt, but it needs doing. They have to be squared off and sewn together at some point, and it's the piecing that's going to be the painstaking part, I suspect. And the strip of 'inexact seams'.

- Dead Simple QAL: So I decided (with a little help) that the Fallen Hues colour palette was best for the DS QAL. I've pulled out every fabric in those shades that I have and I'm going to start cutting strips next week. I'm going to strip-piece sections of this one some in order to make it a faster project. We'll see how it looks when it comes out in the wash...

So, I could perhaps do 13 full-size quilts in 2011? If I join the Christmas QAL and complete it by Christmas...that'll be 14 quilt tops in 2011...

Of course, there's the small hump of actually getting them done...

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  1. Fun post! You have some great quilts. I love the Modern Rail Fence. Just knocks my socks off!


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