Wednesday, November 2, 2016

WIP Wednesday: the one with winging it

You know when you start with a good thing?

It's Gotses Pocketses! Otherwise known as the #shilohsatchel, by @pileofabric.  This was a pattern test, and boy, was it a learning experience! I broke three leatherwork needles sewing the exterior together, and my DX #juki refused to sew it, although my

And then you think, hey I can do this only simpler!

After a false start and a distraction, ready to get the #MARVELouscraftswap done!

And then you start to realise...uh, maybe I'm in over my head.

Hulk panel

And then you start to think: yeah, I'm really in over my head.

What I Did At My #Saturdaynightcraftalong with @barefootcrafter! #MARVELouscraftswap #hulksmash

Really REALLY in over my head!

Technical difficulties...  #MARVELouscraftswap

And finally you end up with, well, a kind of Frankenstein of a piece?

#bpsewvember Day 2 - Wackiest Pattern: when you try to make a pattern out of a prism graphic and end up winging it, then use that pattern in a modified bag design...and end up winging that, too! 😄😄😄 Thanks for running this @bimbleandpimb

I mean, it looks okay if you don't inspect it too closely. After that, it starts to all fall apart.

The moral of this story is...don't talk to bears while in the woods! (Sorry, childhood camp songs...)

Basically, patterns r awesum. It is generally advisable to follow them. (To follow them wherever they may gooo....)

Anyway, there's a few things yet to sew together - handsew, because I can't put my machine through all that again. (Heck the machine, I can't put my shoulders through all that again!)