Wednesday, August 6, 2014

WIP Wednesday: The One With BIRTHDAYS!

Done Like A Dinner


Not the Heirloom quilt, mind you. That still needs the binding sewn down. It's been sewn down for at least three months! *blushes*

But the SeaBreeze mini, the Snowflake Cushions, and the Batik Cushions were all completed - fully completed - these last three weeks!

I was going to make a post about the Snowflake Cushions and the Snowflake Quilt, but I haven't had the chance. The Batik Cushions are old WIPs. As in, WIPs for six or seven years, quilted, but never completed, and never shown anywhere. They'll stay at home on a couch or lounge, or under a cat. One of those things. :)

Anyway, one of the Snowflake cushions and the SeaBreeze mini are both hanging in the NSW Quilt Guild offices in the city, hopefully being admired for their bright, bold, not-brown modernness!



Sewing the rosettes together!

#epicmillefioriquilt joining pieces together at SCQuilters...

And sewing some of the star-and-diamond sets together wrong on the morning commute: what happens when your brain and fingers go on automatic:


King of Bling (a.k.a. "Red Letter Day" #redletteraustralia)

Top is all sewn together!

"Nearly finished Friday": #redletteraustralia top finally sewn together! I think it will go to the adopted daughter of some friends in the US.

I think I'll get it all-over machine quilted, and it'll go to the adopted daughter of some friends in the US.

It's called 'King Of Bling' because my youngest sister saw it, and those were the first words out of her mouth. When I finally stopped laughing, I asked why she said that. "It really has its disco on," was her answer.

So, 'King of Bling' it is!

Mystery MakeModernMagazine

Make Modern Magazine is a new online crafter's magazine in Australia, and they've asked for quilt pattern submissions for their first issue.

I think it's a bit late to submit anything for the first issue, and I'm pretty sure that they've had dozens of submissions from the various quilters all over Australia.

I haven't sent mine in yet. Mostly because I haven't done the math properly - this is, admittedly, where I fall over like a great falling thing. Because I'm good at math, but I hate working things out. much easier to just keep making them until one falls over! (Or something.)

But I got my Cotton+Steel order a couple of weeks ago. My original plan was pretty much just to get the basics, because the colours were pretty good, but all the mint and peach colours weren't my thing. And then I saw the fabric in person, on the bolt.

Peoples! Still so much @cottonandsteel beauty at @kimbradleycreations! I think I'm going to buy some more!

And I bought just a little more fabric...

Then I got it all home and started cutting into the C+S basics. And the longer I stared at the colours, the more I liked them.

And now I want to buy the linen for bag projects when I haven't finished the linen I already have. And I want to buy the prints that I didn't think that much of when I first saw the collection because I'm starting to think that they'll good nicely with [insert project here]. And I'm starting to like those crazy lions and the ibex thingummies and this is WEIRD.

I have decided that there's a spell on this fabric. Seriously. Because mint and peach are NOT MY THING. They have never BEEN my thing. They are STILL not my thing.

But I am finding that I really LOVE them in the C+S collection.


I swear @cottonandsteel have something in their dyes. I'm starting to like colours I wouldn't usually touch with a ten foot pole..

But I will say this: well played, C+S. Well played!

Piecing, piecing, piecing. #secretproject #ofDOOM and in the background my hard-driven Brother NS50 which I bought before I realised there were machines specially designed for quilting. And which is in for its first service long as I've had i

And all of the rambling about C+S is really just to say that I has a Sekrit Projekt in the works. Made of C+S. Because it really is a ridiculously nice fabric line!


The destash has been going pretty well - lots of fabric bundles going out the door!


Still more to go, though!


The Wall Of Crazy Projects


That's the Millefiori Madness (Passacaglia), the Supernova Friendship swap, and a little handsewing I stopped doing over a year ago because I didn't imagine how I was going to finish it all. I think I'm just going to make a cushion out of it. (Convenient things, cushions!)

No Movement

Snowflake Quilt

Haven't touched it since July. (Yes, it's only the 6th day of August, but still!)

No 'to do' list today. Just the observation that I think I have to cease piecing any new quilts, no matter how many cool ideas I get. Because in less than a month, I will have MY OWN HOUSE and it needs priority. Before I make all the floor quilts ever. (...I could make them out of Cotton+Steel!!! o.O SOMEONE STOP ME!)


In case you haven't noticed, I'm a bit excitable today. That's because it's my birthday. (And because I'm at work typing this up because I finished three major issues that have been wanting resolution for a couple of days. SO RELIEVED!) Anyway, If the title didn't tell you it's my birthday, this paragraph probably did.

And this giveaway certainly will.

So, this birthday's blog giveaway is A Heap Of Heather!

Birthday giveaway!

To celebrate My Birthday, 2014, I am giving at least two yards of Heather Ross' Mendocino Mermaids fabric. Mermaids! Swimming sisters! Octopi! Seahorses! Chances are, there will be at least one FQ of Mermaids in Gold, and one FQ of Swimming Sisters in Fuchsia. The rest of it will be whatever I can pull together from my stash of Mendocino. (Yes, I have a stash.) And yes, they're re-releasing the collection next year, but sometimes it's nice to have a little of the original, too! :)

To enter, just leave a comment on this post telling me which of my WIPs you like best. (Or which of my finishes.)

eta: I have decided to offer a second entry for my instagram followers, after all. So one entry for commenting here on the blog, another for being one of my Instapeeps!

Draw will close this Saturday midday, Australian EST. What time is that where I am?

Have a good week!


Linking up to WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced. I didn't quite write five pages of WIP. I think. Maybe I did!


  1. Passacaglia is looking fantastic! Is that Penrose tiling?

  2. For me the King of Bling takes first prize, but the snowflake cushions are adorable. I hope to see the C&S collection soon too as it really looks inviting.

  3. Love your red letter... I mean King of bling - and in sure it will be loved by your friends and their daughter. And i must concur re: C& S - seems resistance is futile 😊 Happy Birthday X

  4. I'm glad your birthday improved from this morning! I expressed to you my adoration of your dark background for your Red Letter Day quilt, but I'm most excited about your secret C+S quilt. Your idea is amazing, and it's going to blow everyone out of the water once you've finished!

  5. If only I'd known it was your birthday this week....we could have had cake on Sunday!! As for your quilts....well you know I love C&S, so that's a given, but right now Passacaglia has me completely hooked...I love watching your progress with this one! Happy birthday Sel x

  6. I am a fan of your EPP stars!

  7. I think the Passacaglia is pretty neat! Happy birthday and thNks for the chance at a great and very generous giveaway!

  8. I think Passacaglia is my favourite, it's just so pretty!
    I hope you have a wonderful birthday, I'm pretty sure August birthdays are the best (mine was this Monday)

  9. Happy birthday!! Love your Passacaglia - I am keen to do one but must finish some other projects before I start anything that epic. I had to laugh at the upside down star. How annoying that would have been. And of course, happy birthday!

  10. Happy Birthday ! Loving your Passacagla - it is looking great!

  11. Happy Birthday! I love those snowflakes, they are just so stunning!

  12. Happy Birthday to you! Your Snowflake cushion finish is so pretty!

  13. Happy birthday! I love your snowflake cushion:)

  14. Happy birthday to you! I like the Millefiori bits best, but I also like tidying up/destashing.

  15. Happy Birthday! I am a winter gal' so I'm loving your snowflake cushion...beautiful:)

  16. First off, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Next I have to say I am loving those snowflake blocks. They look terribly hard to make though!!! I would love to have a bit of the Mendo. I am specifically in need of the plum swimming mermaids. It's the only one I don't have any at all of. Great giveaway!! I follow you on IG and Flickr too = )

  17. Happy birthday!! King of Bling is fantastic! I have far too many WIPs right now. And I'm about to order some C + S myself ;)

  18. Happy Birthday!!! Love all of your WIPs but the Red letter Day "King of Bling" quilt is my favourite. The C&S fabrics look amazing too:)

  19. Snowflake cushion! Happy B-Day!

  20. Georgiakd is my Instagram username

  21. That red letter day is delicious! Almost makes me want to make one, just when I thought the pattern was overdone (not that they're not beautiful)!

  22. On Instagram as megfishc ;)

  23. I already mentioned on IG how much I love that Passa quilt ;) found you there looking at the hashtag! Such a generous giveaway

  24. Omy Omy Omy Love me some mermaids.

  25. Happy birthday! Thanks for the giveaway. I love the

  26. I'm just in awe of the fact you only have this many WIPs! Happy birthday :)

  27. Happy birthday! I love seeing how your Red Letter Day had turned out; it's gorgeous. Thank you for the giveaway!

  28. Happy Birthday!! Hope it's a great one!! Also, congratulations on a new house! Lots of exciting stuff going on with you!!

    I am always in awe of EPP (I don't do it myself, so I definitely admire those who can, and do!), so my favorites would have to be all your EPP projects! Those snowflake cushions are amazing though, too.

    Thanks for a fun giveaway!

  29. Happy birthday, Selena! What an exciting time for you as you prepare to move into your very own house. My very favourite of your WIPs is the Passacaglia. It always makes me drool when you show updates ;-) those snowflake quilts are very cool too, but of course they're no longer WIPs. As you know, I'm an Instagram follower of yours, as @darlingdi. Mighty generous giveaway - Thank you!

  30. Happy Birthday, and I love the amazing giveaway! (Hope I didn't publish three times as an accident)!

  31. Happy happy joy joy!!!! I love the millefiori madness. I've never seen anything like it! It really has my mental wheels turning! And thank you for the opportunity to winnsuch Deelish fabrics!!

  32. Oh! I'm an IG follower, too!

    Thanks for a super fun giveaway! How you had a fabulous birthday!!

  33. Happy birthday! Love your snowflake cushions :-)

  34. Also I follow you on IG as @coleandtaffy

  35. I love the passacaglia. Happy birthday!! Mi birthday was yesterday! Happy coincidence. My email es regards from Argentina!!

  36. Oh and I am on IG too @peaches1003 ;)

  37. I LOVE LOVE LOVE your Red Letter Day quilt. Maybe I could intercept it when it hits the US and direct it to my house :). Anyway, I'm a follower on Instagram and absolutely love it! Thanks for this opportunity!!

  38. First time to your blog. I love how you write your post. I love your work however I really like your cushions. A belated happy birthday. I hope this is your best year yet

  39. +1 for being an IG follower, yeay pretty mermaids

  40. Aww first comment didn't work, but if it does delete this one so I don't skew your entries. I love your Red Letter Day quilt because of the dark background but also looking forward to seeing the sneaky C+S project to (:

  41. I echo the sentiments of 'well played c&s!' I'm not normally a lion fan either, but there is something about that range. A huge happy birthday to you, and wow, what a generous giveaway!! I love your King of Bling quilt! It looks fab!

  42. Oh, and I'm an IG follower already. :)

  43. Happy birthday to you! The red letter day with the charcoal background really is eye catching but then I am in awe of the work in the passacaglia but I just adore the mini snowflake cushions.

  44. Happy birthday! I love your rainbow snowflakes, such beautiful use of colour.

  45. I follow on IG. How exciting they are reprinting this collection.

  46. The passacaglia is awesome! I love EPP, and really admire the skill and patience required for this quilt!
    Happy, happy birthday!! And I'm one of your Instapeeps too! @bluebeehive

  47. Your Passacaglia is amazing! I love seeing all the different versions of this. As much as I love them I know I don't have it in me to make one. I look forward to seeing yours completed.

  48. Happy bday to you:). well done on solving your work issues must be a super weight of ya shoulders. I lve love lve your MM rosettes they are amazing. Very tempted with this one but I have a few projects to complete - staying strong but maybe not for longer. Happy sewing .


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