Wednesday, August 6, 2014

The Great Aussie Destash! (a.k.a. "the purge")

I've been destashing for a while, actually - since the start of the year when I realised that my fabric milieu had changed in the five years since I really started collecting fabric and that I needed to be rid of a lot of the older stuff, and needed to be more careful about what I bought.

Also, around April, I acquired the stash of a friend of a friend which she'd been sitting on for 10 years without doing any quilting. She didn't figure she was going to get back into quilting so would I like it?

Like any quilter, I contemplated the possibility of free fabric and went YES.

catherine's stash

Before I realised that all that fabric required sorting. And selling. And storing. EEK.

destash april 2014

There are some good pieces in there - like all these solid colour homespuns!

That feeling of complete organising failure. (well general failure, actually) Solids anyone? #fabric

Homespun, yes, but still useful for backings. I've already used quite a bit of yardage for backings. Donated a lot to a church quilting group out in the south-west (at the parental home of a Sydney friend). Sold a few on FB.

And instagram.


And more instagram.


I'm debating the wisdom of FB, though. People only ever buy individual fabrics, not bundles. And when they buy the bundles, they fuss about the postage!

I suspect this is because Instapeeps (largely quilty peeps) order online often enough to be very well aware that quilting fabric has weight to it and that postage costs money. FB peeps (mostly home crafters) buy their fabrics from the local fabric store and so get it by length and don't think about how much it costs to send by weight. It makes a difference in how they approach purchases.

A final glimpse of my destash space (and my WIP space, and my fabric storage space, and my non-quilt-craft storage space, and...):


Linking up to The Purge over at Stitched In Color, because it's fun when you're part of a team. (Everything is awesome!)

*runs away from the earworm*

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  1. Holy destash projects! Well done on your progress here. I think you should celebrate ... maybe with a little fabric shopping?! ; )


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