Monday, August 4, 2014

it's nice to be noticed

At the Southern Cross Quilters group on Saturday, one of the women mentioned that she'd seen a blogpost about the Sydney Craft and Quilt Fair that mentioned my quilt. She couldn't remember who or where, but she said that the blogger was looking at the quilts just for things that appealed to her, not with the eye of quilting judges, and that mine was specifically mentioned.

Four hours later, upon arriving home from SCQuilters group, I get a text from Penny Poppleton with the link in it!

The blog is Forever In Fibre and the post is here: Sydney Craft and Quilt Fair - the quilts.

You might recognise one of the quilts. :)

Speaking of the Quilt Show, the NSW Quilt Guild (who runs the show) asked Penny Poppleton to speak at their August meeting about 'modern quilting' and the Sydney Modern Quilt Guild. And she asked if there was anyone willing to come with her and bring some quilts, and I offered to come and lend moral support.

I think it went quite well. The ladies were all older, but very open to what we talked about, and the Guild asked if they could hang a few of our quilts in their office for the month. Which is how my Snowflake cushion, the SeaBreeze mini, and my Mondrian Dreaming are all gracing the walls of the NSW Quilt Guild!

NSW quilt guild

I also got a pic of Mondrian Dreaming hanging up. I wasn't very assiduous about photographing the quilt show this year - not even my own quilts...

Mondrian Dreaming

(The black strip along the bottom is the skirting, and the grey is the floor; it disconcerted me for a few moments and I took the picture!)

This is a quilt that's gotten quite a bit of interest from quilters - especially after I explain how it's made. I think people are quite interested in the "traditional block in new designs" angle: and the fact that something so 'modern' can come out of something so 'simple' is attractive, too!

I'm really happy about that, as a matter of fact. The reason I put that quilt into the show was so people could see that quilts don't have to be fancy and amazing (I mean, the show is full of amazing quilts) but can be simple and pretty and practical - this is something that would easily go on a bed or a couch, be snuggled under, covered in household gunk, and thrown in the wash, not something that people would be all 'oh, I can't use that'. So to have people look at it and decide "hey, I could do that" is good. That's how I got into quilting myself, after all!

Also, while I'm basking in the glow, Di of Snippets 'n Scraps was so lovely as to include my Mondrian Dreaming in her 2014 Quilt Show post. Di's selvage skirt at the show was beautiful and has inspired me to try the same thing. Exactly when, I don't know, but I'm wondering if my Cotton + Steel selvages will be sufficient, or if I should stop selling the selvages I've got all collected up...


  1. That is exactly why I enter shows too. Because to me they are shows and exhibitions, not competitions. Bron (kraftykuka) and I were talking about this just yesterday. We both enter to tell the viewer that hey, they can do this too. What I do isn't hard - and it brings me so much joy I can't help wanting to share it with others.

    Your quilts are amazing and totally deserve to be at any show they enter. You have a true love and knack for colour and they make me happy!

  2. i just want to say that these quilts are looking marvelous. Especially the choice of different colors are superb. Thanks for the sharing and just keep up the good work.

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  3. I'm so glad you like my post :) Your quilt was absolutely my favourite!


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