Wednesday, August 21, 2013

WIP Wednesday: the one with fannish cushion covers!

Finished! (ish)

Pacific Rim Cushion Covers

I got the applique completed - not as nicely as I'd have liked, but still good! And very pretty! :)

Gipsy Danger cushion covers - finished!

I was hoping to get the Pan-Pacific Defence Corps logo on the back, but it was just more effort than I could manage - the bird-design is kind of tricksy!

Now that I've done applique, the next time I think of a mad project like this it should be easier, right? :)


USA Hurray!

So, finally got the hourglasses sewn together, cut, pressed, and trimmed! Ugh, how do I hate trimming? Let me count the ways! But using the power of friendship (*cue magical girl sparkly sequence*) I managed to distract my mind long enough to let my hands complete the task.


Sewing them together is a bit of a braintwist, though, because you have to get them the right way around, and because my colour scheme is not as random as the Charm Crossing (Moda Bake Shop) pattern, I have to be careful which way they go together.

But I have enough of them for a queen-sized quilt, easily. Possibly even two, given how the numbers are stacking up!

USA Hurray: charm Crossings

I'm not going to get this done before I go; my best hope is to have the top completed, and be able to show it to my friend (and apologise for not having it done before this).

To Do

Tiger By The Tail

A gift for my hockey coach, who's been my team coach for the last three years. The basic design is hourglasses and nine-patches in orangy/yellows and browns.

Tiger by the Tail: plan

She’s a fan of the Balmain Tigers in the Aussie NRL and I thought that the orange-and-black colour scheme (obviously tiger colours, as well as team colours) and the name would be highly appropriate for her! Another woman on my hockey team has done some quilting before and offered to help out, seeing as I’ll be away for the next five weeks...

I'm thinking I need more browns/blacks for this. It may require a trip to the LQS... Oh the horror!

Tiger by the Tail: fabric choices and pattern


The next five weeks are going to be very quiet on the quilting front, because I'll be travelling across the US and northern Italy, so not too many WIP updates. I'm taking some hexy handsewing, so hopefully that will occupy me a little in my travels. :)

What have you been doing this week?

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

WIP Wednesday: the one with applique!

Finished! (ish)

I don't remember giving this one a name, so it’s just going to be "Heirloom".

Such beautiful rich colours!


And the back!


(It's a satin-stripe cotton, that's why there's the horizontal lines on the picture - I swear it's not a bad refresh rate for your screen!)

Modern Batik Maze


And now the bit that I always find difficult to motivate myself to do - binding!


Pacific Rim cushion-covers

So, I went to watch Pacific Rim a couple of weeks ago and came out pretty much in love with that movie. The characters! The machines! The monsters!

I joined a gift exchange and decided I'd make some cushions with the logo of one of the giant fighting machines - the main one, in fact, called Gipsy Danger and piloted by the heroes of the movie. (One of whom is a heroine but who stays fully clothed over the course of the movie and in all the promotional materials, who is respected for her skills without bringing her gender into it, and who doesn't get with the hero at the end of the movie. But I digress...)

I decided on a rough applique rather than satin-stitched because the movie, as a whole, is about the scrappy resistance at the end of the world, and everything is rusted and well-worn and much-used before it's finally junked. So I thought a little roughness wouldn't go astray.

The logo on the stiffened fabric - traced and cut out:


A detail of the stitching - it's not very neat, unfortunately!


One side done!


Got to finish the other side and then put the cushion-cover together and send it off to my recipient!

Of course, now that I've done one, I'm thinking of doing other sigils and logos from movies - Avengers logos and suchlike...

USA Hurray!

Ugh. I haven't made much progress on this:


In the back: a pile of HSTs that need to be turned into Hourglasses.
In the middle: the untrimmed Hourglasses.
In the foreground: the trimmed hourglasses, ready to be turned into blocks.

Yeah, I'm pushing it. :/

To Do

Nothing really on this - get USA Hurray and the Pacific Rim cushion covers done, then prep some handsewing for the US and head on out!

what about you?

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

WIP Wednesday: the one with quick and dirty

Sorry, not much time to chat today - going to the P!NK concert tonight in Sydney! I only have one finish and one WIP this week.

Wonky Farm Stars

All done and sewn together!

One dodgy silhouette picture:

wonky farm stars

One picture from the Sydney Southern Cross Quilters meet I was at on Saturday with much better lighting!

Now to get it quilted. FMQ it myself, or send to the quilter?

USA Hurray

Lots of lines for broken dish blocks:

making broken dishes

And plenty of Broken Dishes - up on the design wall:

USA Hurray

Next to finish making and pressing the rest of them, then sewing them into blocks. It's a busy couple of weeks, too, right before I go away. No rest for the wicked, I suppose!


What have you been doing this week?