Tuesday, March 24, 2015

WIP Wednesdays: the one with minis


Box containers for twins.

Sunday late march


Millefiori Madness: Plain Jane Passacaglia

It has a new name after seeing everyone else do the passacaglia fussy-cutting.

And I have the next four or five cut up and ready to go!

Have a gold star and go to the top of the class!

Oh, and glue-basting is sincerely the Best. Idea. Evah.


Birthday Swaps

Ugh, yeah, nope.


Still deciding what to do.

#igrainbowmini: rainbow interwoven

Top done, quilting necessary!

Okay, so it's a complete pain to make, but I rather like the result...

The HSTs are 1" finished here, and trying to line them up was pretty awful. I'm sure it's not square, but I guess I might have to do some blocking later?

The pattern is from Sally Schneider's book "Crazy for Scraps" and is called 'Interwoven'. I plan to make a full-sized quilt of this from HST scraps. And maybe keeping the colours of it.



On the Plan But Going Nowhere

- Birthday Gift for Teddy
- Birth gift for Josh
- Swarm (Must Make 2015/Sydney Quilt Show)
- Snowflakes (Must Make 2015/Sydney Quilt Show)

To Do This Week

1. Finish Rainbow mini and send off.
2. Start IG Mini Oz swap.
3. all the birthday things. ever.


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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

WIP Wednesday: the one with...very little

So. The last couple of weeks, I've been doing almost no sewing at all.

Apart from getting the Salt Air Split Square done and gifted.

Aaand done! The Salt Air Split Square! ��

They really loved the gift. :)

I'm in the midst of a quilting slump right now. Which is a really bad time to have a quilting slump, on account of the #igminioz swap, and the #rainbowminiswap, both of which are due out at the end of this month.

I think I'm going to have to drop back to the diamond-flowers for the #rainbowminiswap:

Diamonds #wipwednesday

I's just that I'm going to be skimming somewhat rather closer to the deadline than I wanted.

So, more white diamonds to fill in the gaps, and then...a cushion cover. (Because mini quilts are beautiful, but not always practical.)

The inevitable fate of all things quilty: to be sat on by #cats. #catsofinstagram #millefioriquilt #passacaglia #unfussypassacaglia

I was going to cut pieces for the passacaglia, but I haven't. Slump.

There'll be sewing on Saturday. There has to be, because it's the Sydney Modern Quilt Group's monthly sew-in. :)

Hopefully you've been more productive than I in the last two weeks!

Thursday, March 5, 2015

WIP Wednesday: the one with binding

Not much to report again this week.

I finished a Cotton + Steel scrap pouch for the AHBC swap from this pattern by Kelby Sews.

#cottonandsteel pouch!

And got the Salt Air Split-Square back from the quilter! It now needs binding before Saturday (when it's going to be gifted for a 30th/31st).

A time to loose and a time to bind...

And the other (Darling Violetta) is for my sister, and I don't have pics of it yet. (It's been colonised by the cats.)

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Monday, March 2, 2015

March goals and the Sydney Quilt Show 2015

Assuming I can get them finished in time:

1. Swarm.

Need to finish the last few blocks and then start assembling. Lots and lots and lots of assembling...

2. The Snowflake Quilt

For this one, it's mostly a case of getting past the fear of the y-seams. Which, at this point, is easier said than done!


Other goals for March include:

- catch up on my Birthday Handmades
- finish the igminioz and the rainbowmini
- make at least one Sew Together bag.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

WIP Wednesday: the really quick one with diamonds


Kinda busy with everything else, so just this WIP pic of three different sizes of diamonds:

Diamonds #wipwednesday

The EPP 'star' pattern has been around for ages. I was going to make a full quilt, but I'm think a mini-quilt. Or possibly a cushion cover (for one of those huge 'European' cushions/pillows?)

The blue snowflake is for the Snowflake Quilt (still a WIP, may be for a while). The grey-backed snowflake may end up as either kitchen or dining room curtains. Depending. :)

to do



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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

WIP Wednesday: the one with remorse

But not fabric remorse! (Not yet, anyway!)

Didn't get much done this weekend because I was at a two day course on Serious Backyard Veggies by Milkwood farms, Australia. Maximising veggie growing through organic techniques. Really good, very intensive, and with me getting over a cold. I came home on Saturday night, had a wash, had dinner, lay down...and woke up at 1am to climb properly into bed for the rest of the night.

Alexandria Community Gardens - at the Milkwood Serious Backyard Vegies course.

I'm in Hobart, Tasmania as I type this, for two days of work at the same time as there's a major conference on, which has filled up the town full of people and left me stranded at the casino hotel.

With this view:

Good morning, Hobart!

I have Friday off and while my quilt shopping will not be as exciting as those of us at QuiltCon, I'm kind of looking forward to it.

hobart fabric shops

Even if the aesthetic in the shops will probably be traditional.


Supernova Friendship

And we are done with the Supernova Friendship blocks! Holy moly. I am, if not the worst swapper ever (I do send my stuff eventually and I stuff bonuses in there) then certainly one of the less timely ones...

WIP Wednesday mid Feb

Moving in the middle of all that did not help my brain at all.

WIP Wednesday mid Feb

Neither does the discovery that I cannot make myself do an analogous colour scheme. Or, I can, but I don't like it.

We picked blue, green, and yellow as our colours - lovely scheme, right? Unfortunately, looking at my blocks, I've realised that my instinctive lean towards a complementary aesthetic hijacked my colour choices. I don't need to point my blocks out to you - you can guess which ones simply based off the colours in them!

WIP Wednesday mid Feb

I think I'll streak the border with reds/purples. Rainbow all the way, baby!


I've started the Technicolor Galaxy, which is an amazing quilt designed by Alyssa Lichner of Pile o' Fabrics.

My colour plan:

Design for the #technicolorgalaxy! Now to make it a reality!

The centre bit is going to be against a black background with really saturated colours that pop, and each subsequent ring will be a little lighter (but not much, at most, I think it might reach shades of Kona Coal.

I'm calling it "Duct Tape (or The Force)" - or, there's a light side (the back), a dark side (the front), and it holds the galaxy together!


Birthday Swaps

Yes, I am horrendously behind. January hasn't received her present yet. (Sorry, Leonie.) I'm just...hung about what to do! Which is ridiculous, and I've sat down several times in the last month to start putting something together and then got distracted and eep and ugh and it'll never be good enough and I really need to get in my brain and whack some of those brainweasels. They do me no good at all.


Have plan. Needs pressing.


I think I have someone who's willing to draft the Snowflake Block into a paper-piecing pattern! If so...woohoo!


I've decided my Tula Pink Mini is going to be with Fox Field.

All I've done for #aussietulapinkswap: drag out the Fox Field and think about it...

And they'll get some Neptune with it. :)

Going Nowhere

- Millefiori Madness
- Swarm

To Do This Week

- birthday swaps! MUST DO THESE.

That's the only thing I'm going to put on here. Because it's the one thing I really need to get my ass moving on.


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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

WIP: the one with the curtain call

Not much to report this week on the WIP front. Going away for the entire weekend, and then working all day Monday and Tuesday makes it difficult to get things done in the quilting room. And coming down with a cold doesn't help at all. The only reason I'm in at work today is because a client booked me to do some work today, and I can't really delay it because there's a bunch of other things that all need to be done at the same time.

But on to the WIPs...


I started on the Millefiori Madness again:

Things of early February

I need to stop thinking about how much still needs to be done or I'll go mad.

Also, I need to stop fretting that everyone else's Passacaglia looks nicer than mine, because they're fussy-cutting the fabric and it looks really stunning when you fussy-cut the Passacaglia.

But I didn't really get very much further with any of my blocks. They will have to be in the 'spare time/space' of the next few days, I think.

Other things

So, we moved into the new house some four months ago. Just after Christmas, we got our curtain railings, and started taking down the vertical blinds on the windows. Putting up the curtain railings meant we had pretty railings...but we didn't yet have curtains for the railings. Which meant empty windows, open to the street.

I hung up some quilt tops to give us a little bit of privacy, although there were gaps.

I really need to make some real curtains. Although this is a good reminder of what still needs backing and quilting!

And, as I discovered on a hot day last week, the sunlight was warping my cutting mat, which is sitting in front of the west-facing window of my workroom.

Clearly, curtains were necessary. I had plans for curtains anyway, using RK Essex Linen, I just had to decide on a collection/colour/pattern. Kate Spain's Terrain fabric presented itself as a viable option, and for some reason I decided to do it in a colour-wave of triangles.

Workroom curtains 1

I finished one the other week, and put it up. (Half a window covered is better than none!) My sister approved. (She doesn't always.)

Workroom curtains 1

And just last night I finished the second one to mirror the first while finishing my re-watch of Marvel's Agents of SHIELD Season 1. (Time to break out Season 2!)

Things of early February

And here's a pic of everything finished and hung!

Things of early February

Now there's just the dining room window, and the two lounge room windows...one of which is a full 2.5m drop.

I'm thinking I'll make two matching-and-mirrored 'quilt tops' for the big window, and just hang them up. Does anyone remember the name of that quilt pattern with the squares on the diagonal that looked like some of them were falling into place (or falling out of place)? It had a musical terminology name: Allegra or Symphony or something. (It wasn't those and I can't remember the name.) Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?


Finally, while I was away on the weekend...I bought a working Singer Featherweight!

Things of early February

It's a bit heavier than a feather...


This coming week is blocks. Lots and lots of blocks.

So what have you been doing this week?

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

WIP Wednesday: the one with lots of pieces


Birthday Blocks

Sewing, sewing, sewing...

Birthday blocks


Sewing, sewing, sewing...

Swarm pieces

Salt Air Twist Square

Sewing, sewing...

Evening sewing. That Juki is FAST!!!


Quilting early Feb

And labelled, too!

Quilting early Feb

It's on its way to the quilters, and being gifted to a couple of friends who, along with their 1 year old son, are having a combined birthday party in early March. Excellent timing!


While finding a backing for Darling Violetta, my sister (B1) spotted the quilt top and decided she liked it. She picked out Heather Ross unicorns to back it:

Quilting early Feb

It's off to the quilter's today, along with Salt Air Twist Square.

To Do This Week
- supernova friendship blocks
- baby carry bag for Baby Shower on weekend
- more birthday blocks
- backing for French Farmhouse - yellow bees
- backing for USA Hurray - pieced


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Monday, February 2, 2015

To Do List - February (and January Finishes)

January's goals were:

1. All the quilt backings ever
2. Baby Quilt commission (Black Widow Wee Wander finish post)

1. Yeah, no. Not even one. :(
2. Finished, quilted, handed off. (Not very good, but eh.)

Well, 50% ain't bad, right? And I did finish some other things while I'm at it!

3. Boring Floor Covering (top)

I'm really not liking it. I really might pick it apart and put a decent separator border on it.

Quilting late Jan

4. Patchy Fruit Salad (top)

Something else I'm not really liking and which I might do some modifications for this week. If I have time.

Quilting late Jan

5. Salt Air With A Twist (top)

(Don't mind the cat tail or the discarded cat toy...)

February kickstarters

February's Goals

According to my Must Make List 2015, my goals for Feb are:
1. Swarm quilt
2. Scrap Log Cabin

I think I'm going to change this. My scraps are still in sorting phase and I've discovered other things I want to do with them!

So, the ToDo list for February is currently:
eta (2 hours later): 0. Salt Air Twist: get it backed and quilted (by my quilter Jo @ Thirroul Custom Quilts) for a combined 30th/31st/1st of a couple and their baby on the 7th March. Plus pillowcases.
1. Swarm quilt: I made some good progress on this yesterday at the Sydney Modern Quilt Group super-sew in!
2. Birthday Blocks 2012: All the pieces are cut out for the remaining blocks, and the lines are drawn for sewing it up! It just needs to get sewn.
3. Supernova Friendship Blocks: only two to go!

Two things to finish this month: birthday blocks 2012, and the supernova friendship blocks! We got a plan!

4. Curtains for the house windows: I'm tired of anyone off the street being able to see into our house.

5. And of course, all the quilt backings ever. Again. (Ugh.)

So here it is: all the things I'm gonna do this month! (Yeah, it's a short month, and I have a story of, oh, around 80,000 words to finish before the end of it, but she'll be right, yeah?

Friday, January 30, 2015

Finish Friday: "Black Widow Wee Wander"

Okay, so this quilt name makes no sense when looking at it from the finished front:

Quilting late Jan

But it's all in the hourglass blocks, which I laid out and sewed together wrong when I first put this together:

Baby quilt

I don't remember much of the other blocks, but I remember the hourglass blocks! Ugh! And, Marvel Cinematic geek that I am, I instantly associate the hourglass blocks with the character of Black Widow, a.k.a Natasha Romanoff, played by ScarJo.


And the back has the Wee Wander night fabric on it, which is possibly the cutest fabric in the history of cute.

Quilting late Jan

Hence the name Black Widow Wee Wander. (Yes, this is how my mind works. No, it's not Earth logic. Shush. It's my brain and I have to live with it.)

The quilting is straight line and very light. I probably should have done it more detailed, but my machine was acting up and I didn't want to risk screwing the whole thing up.

It's a baby quilt comission for a lady I know from hockey, who asked me to do a commission. I don't usually do commissions because, well, they're pricey to make and not worth my time. I wouldn't do them for a living, for instance (but I sincerely admire those who do), but I'm happy to do quilt commissions for friends.

Black Widow Wee Wander
pieced, quilted, and bound on domestic machine (Brother NS-50)
size: 60" x 60"

Quilting late Jan


I'm going to try to document my finishes this year, instead of just squirrelling them off somewhere into the dark black ether of Completion.

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

WIP Wednesday: the one where I need a weekly to-do list

I think I need a concrete To Do list from week to week so I don't get distracted and run off to do something new.

My Brother NS50 has been running a little bit wonky for a while now: does okay on your basic straight stitch for two pieces of cloth, but isn't so good for anything bigger.

So I borrowed Penny Poppleton's Juki:

Quilting late Jan

Man can that thing go! I sewed a 2.5" HST with it, and was finished the piece almost before I realised I'd started!

I think it's going to be my next straight-line machine.

Commissioned Baby Quilt

Okay, so I fail at quilting on a domestic.

Quilting late Jan


Quilting late Jan

My machine started skipping stitches on the back, the result of which is that there are little loops here and there on the back of the quilt.

*sigh* It's decent, but it's not great. And the quilt is finished, if not as nicely as I wish I could have done it!


Salt Air Split Square

I don't know what the name for this pattern is, but I saw the quilt on Pinterest, pinned it, and worked out how to do it myself. (I do this. Patterns, to me, are mostly about yardage, and since I always end up winging the yardage anyway, I just work out how to make the block, make as many as I can, then work out if I need to add borders or make more to get it the size I want it. Worst pattern follower ever!)

Quilting late Jan

Quilting late Jan

I've had a Salt Air layer cake sitting around for forever, and just pulled it out on Friday night for sewing over the weekend. The sewing didn't really happen thanks to the heat and the #greataussiedestash.

Quilting late Jan

It'll be sewn over the next couple of weeks, I think. I may need a few more blocks to make a quilt large enough, but that's okay, I have some spare Salt Air yardage. Somewhere.

Quilting late Jan

Various Quilt Tops

I don't know what to call this quilt. Apart from "not my thing". There's supposed to be a thin, contrasting border between the big central squares and the small-square borders. But my fabric choice for the thin border is all wrong and instead of fixing it, I kept sewing bits together. So now it's bugging me.

I feel like I should pick it apart to make it better.

I don't know that it would improve the quilt any, but it might make me feel better.

Quilting late Jan

You know when you make something and you're just "UGH! TAKE IT OUT OF MY SIGHT!" Yeah, that's this one.

So, I started with a very nice fabric collection: Organic Fruit Punch from Timeless Treasures.

And I was going to cut it into 10" squares and make a baby quilt out of it. Easy, right?


Quilting late Jan

As I discovered, two years after putting it in the WIP bag, accurate cutting is an issue with me. (Accurate anything is an issue for me.) Unfortunately, I'd already started sewing things together before I discovered this. So I just kept stitching bits together until I had something approximating a rectangle, then I squared it up.

No help for this one. It's gonna be practise for some FMQ and end up as a floor covering.

Snowflake Quilt

I've pulled this out again:

Quilting late Jan

I have a plan for submitting this to a quilt show. Not the Sydney one (unless I have nothing else) but a show of some stripe or another.

In The Plans

Backings for quilts
- Darling Violetta - purple and gold
- French Farmhouse - yellow bees
- Gothic Summer Sampler - black child-drawing animals (sun, moon, and shining stars?)

Curtains for house

I realised that I have bought three different colours of RK Essex Linen:

Quilting late Jan

This is what I get for not documenting properly! But I sewed my bedroom curtains, and really need to at least start on the side windows so we can block out the street from seeing into our lounge room.


Sydney Modern Quilt Guild sew-in this Sunday from 10am to 4pm. Lots of time to get these done!

Quilting Mid-Jan

Sew Togther Bag!

I found the package of zippers from ZipIt that had 'gone astray' - in fact it had been delivered to my old house and was sitting in the mailbox!

Quilting late Jan

Lots and lots and lots of zippers!


And for the Australians reading this: Happy Australia Day!

Yes, there are issues with this country - major major issues - but frankly I'd rather be Australian than anything else on God's green earth, cross my heart and hope to die.

So here: have some "Aussie" ombre nails. :)

Quilting late Jan

I'm really into ombre nails lately. They're just so pretty and fun to do!


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