Wednesday, October 15, 2014

No Actual WIPs were worked on this week...

So it's not really a WIP Wednesday post...

Basically, I'm supposed to be packing up my quilting space for the move on Saturday.

Projects to be packed up this morning. But I might squeeze a bit of cutting in there...

I was just going to do a bit of sorting and cutting of scraps, before putting my 'current projects' away.


Yeah. I know.

Next thing I know, I've found a bunch of 5" x 5" charm squares from a Bella Solids pack and I'm sewing.

Licorice Allsorts

It just turned into a quilt in the space of a couple of hours!

Licorice Allsorts

I'm calling it "Licorice Allsorts" although it's informal name is going to be "A Quilt Top Called Procrastination" (after the Tennessee Williams play, obvs).

Not a very complicated quilt, or a terribly precise one. (Not that you can see - I haven't ironed it: all the seams are finger-pressed at best!) But it's probably going to end up covering our floors in the new house - or possibly not since I spread it out for a photoshoot and Smokey promptly rolled on it, leaving a little furry patch on it that's pretty visible. Visible fur = bad floorquilt. We'll see after it's quilted - time to practise some FMQ, I feel!

Speaking of floors - the ones in the house are polished!


That's just the first coat. It looks pretty good, though! I'm about to head over to the house to check out the final product.

It's the final stretch - move on Saturday, unpacking Sunday and next week... It'll be nice to be stable again, not in the middle of everything, but hard to get used to living somewhere else after so long where we've been.

There will probably be no WIP Wednesday next week either, unless I end up doing some sewing on the way in to the city tomorrow night.

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

WIP Wednesday: The One With Sherbet Binding

Back in the swing of things!

And so: a finish!

1, 2, 3, Go Momo!

On the lawn of the new house:

I was hoping to get something rigged up to hoist it for better photography but no time and equipment! This is at Kim Bradley Creations, during the Sydney Modern Quilt Guild's Sunday Super Sew-in.


I put the binding for this quilt aside when I first made it, and I'm so glad I did: it looks so good with the binding in the matching colours - and the short, colourful lengths.

I'm calling this the sherbet binding, because that's what I think of when I look at it. #quilting

I called it "the sherbet binding" while making it, because that was what I thought of while putting it all together...

My cats are particularly pleased by it...or rather, by the fact that I've left it lying around, suitable for lounging on.

All You Quilts Are Belong To Us! #cats #catsofinstagram

Mal refuses to be outdone by Smokey: All My Quilt Are Belong To Them #cats #catsofinstagram


Quilting Area

It's a mess right now, between sorting and packing and selling my IKEA EXPEDIT (where I've been storing my fabric these last couple of years).

4th October: D is for Disorganised - or: the state of my sewing space right now! #honestsewingroom #fmsphotoaday

Most of the fabric is now packed away, and I've decided to put the finished tops away (I was hoping to manage to put some backings together) but I'm cutting up scraps and trying to finish a couple of small projects and bind some of the quilts that have come back (apart from MoMo, I have three other quilts that need binding)...

My sister (B2) moves next Wednesday, which means I need to have my sewing area all cleaned up so she can get the piano out. Then the Saturday after that, my other sister (B1) and I move out into our new house. It's going to take some getting used to: we've grown up in very large houses, and this is really a very small one. Adjustments will be necessary.

Floor Quilts

I have managed a mess of scrap cutting:

Cutting scraps into strips. So scraps. Many fabric. Ahhh!

These are being turned into quilts for going on the wooden floors of the new house. Don't want rugs - they're awful to clean cat vomit off. Solution: make darkly colourful floor quilts, then wash as necessary.

I can even change 'rug' designs as I please!

The Passacaglia

Have started basteing again. Remembered why I stopped: these pieces!

Confession time: I hate the B-pieces of the  #passacaglia there is just no nice way to do it, and that obtuse angle is dreadful to sew down. Any #epicmillefioriquilt-ers have tips or advice?

I have decided I really really hate the B-pieces of the passacaglia. One very acute angle, one very obtuse one, and the fabric never seems to co-operate. *grr*

I'm going to start sewing through these ones; they're just too fiddly and annoying, and they need to be, at the least, decent so they sit right in the rosette centres.

To Do (before moving)

- bind California Girl quilt
- bind Spinning Diamonds
- make at least one floor quilt top

Linking up to WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced!

Saturday, October 4, 2014

To Do list of quilts

Notes for myself - to be added to

to do

snowflake quilt
- make extra snowflake
- put together

Aviatrix Medallion quilt
- maybe early 2015

Heather Ross: Imagine Greater (Imaginary Creatures)
- simple log cabin
- order some unicorns yardage for backing (with pink swimming sisters and gold mermaids)

Magic Stars by Aneela Hoey
- something bright for this

Juliet Dress in Washi Tape Fabrics
- do in new house ASAP - SUMMER IS COMING

baby quilt for Teddy W
- eek

My own design
- finish the blocks at this month's super sew-in

- draw up the design

"All The Leaves Are...Brown?"
- draw up the design
- plan the process

House thing:

curtains for house
- Essex Dyed Linen (steel)
- Kate Spain fabrics
- triangles down the length of the curtains?

floor coverings for house
- scrappy
- cut up scraps today
- Moda Modern building blocks?

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

WIP Wednesday: the one where I get back on the horse

So, my finger has finally healed up to the point where touch it to something doesn’t produce bizarre tingly feelings, so I’ve started doing a little bit of sewing again. Some packing (not half enough) and some sorting.


This is supposed to be coming together as a shopping tote.

Yes, even with the Kaffe Fassett Pickle Dish blocks.

Don't know if these are going to work for the originally intended purpose...

Except that the colour isn't working. (It's not just the filter, I promise!)

You know when you have this really good mental idea of what something is going to look like, and halfway through you think it’s horrible and awful and WHY DID I DO THAT OH NOES, and then it turns out really really good?

I don't think this is like that. I just can't find this fabric's mojo.

Nothing in this collection works quite the way I want it to...

Which is a pity, because I rather like the collection, it's just not working for me.


There’s not much more in progress than that. Most of my sewing stuff is packed away, so I can’t just browse fabric and decide to work on something. And I'm in a bit of a lump right now, struggling with all the stuff that needs to happen right now.

Although one bright spot is receiving the Massdrop bundle of Heather Ross’ ‘Far Far Away’!

Oooooh! #heatherross #farfaraway #massdrop arrives!

Far Far Away is a lovely, lovely collection and it will most likely go in the ‘Imaginary Creatures’ quilt which is going to be made up of the Mendocino Mermaids, Gnomes, Unicorns, and aliens from HR’s other collections.

And I need to buy some unicorns yardage for backings. Because.

What have you been up to this week?

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

WIP Wednesday: house, health, and other things

So, a little over ten days ago, I broke my right ring finger in a hockey game - field, not ice.

Link to picture - it's not badly broken - just the tip of the finger, and it just looks bruised and swollen.

It's healing, but I haven't been able to do anything while it's healing. I can kind of type, but even that gets tiring when you're used to touch-typing with ten fingers. Hunt and peck is painstakingly slow, even if I'm not doing that much hunting across the keyboard.

So, not much progress on anything: house or sewing. It's a touch frustrating: I'm not used to doing nothing.


I got back two quilts from Joanne's Custom Quilting in Thirroul - Sweetwater Town Hall, and Twisting Diamonds - but haven't yet taken photos of them. It might have to wait a bit, what with the finger - trying to arrange quilts with a broken finger is not either easy or comfortable.

mystery project 1

I bet these arrows are so much easier and more precise when paper pieced! #argh

More to be shown when it's done.

lions and tigers and ibex, oh my!

Sewing (very, very carefully) with clover clips. #lionsandtigersandibex

A compactible shopping bag pattern I was working on before I did the finger. Ground to a halt, of course. *sigh*

To Do

0. wait for finger to heal up, at least to the point where I can use it without pain
1. pack house (hard to pack with a broken, swollen/sensitive finger)
2. get Aussie Handmade Birthday Card out the door with apologies (gift to follow)
3. get Supernova Block Swap out (I made them, I put them in an envelope...and now I can't find the drat thing...)


I don't do inactivity well.

I hope you've been more productive than me! (Not difficult, admittedly.)

Linking up to Lee's post at Freshly Pieced!

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

WIP Wednesday: the one with THE NEW HOUSE!!


Rainbow Gingham!

See You In September

Full post about how this quilt came about is here, in my See You In September post.

Heirloom Quilt

And this is finally finished! I sewed the border together on Monday night, and it was all ready on Tuesday for photos at the NEW HOUSE!

See You In September

That's the front yard, and this is on the verandah out the back:



It's going to be a quiet September - at least on the WIPs front - due to the house renovations, packing, and projects that have to remain secret (birthday exchange, Make Modern Magazine project).

In the spirit of winding down (ahahahahaha!) I have only 4 Things To Do for September!

4 quilt borders
3 supernova blocks
2 birthday exchange gifts
1 Make Modern Magazine mystery project

In between packing and moving, of course.

Because we settled on Monday and got the keys just yesterday and we have a NEW HOUSE!

Two days!


See You In September

You're going to get tired of seeing this jacaranda in my photos: I promise!

See You In September

That's the kitchen. So many excellent spaces for photography! So much space and room for gardening things to happen!

This is the backyard - the hills hoist (clothesline) isn't going to be staying very long if I have my way. Either that or it's going to be turned into a growing structure for the grapes and the passionfruit...


But I really need to rig something that will let me put the quilt on the line on the porch and then lift the quilt up, suitable for taking pictures. A rope and pulley system, perhaps, that can be hoisted out of the way when the photoshoot is done...

Aussie Handmade Birthday Club

It's been a wonderful month of gifts from my Birthday Club - the ladies I'm with are all very talented and most of the presents have been beautifully made! I asked for practical presents and I'm so delighted to have received them. Baskets for putting bits and pieces in, a sewing carrybag that perfectly fits the bits and pieces for my Millefiori quilt, trivets/heat pads, a mug rug, and exquisitely made zippered pouches.

And the tote bag/zippered pouch below, complete with delicious fudge (chocolate, and irish creme)!

Beautiful (and tasty) happymail from @sewsforshoes, a pinch-hit for one of the #ahbcparty3 ladies who couldn't make it. Thank you so much!

Truly, I've been blessed in this swap! And now, it's my turn to gift others. I have a few ideas, one of which might actually be patternable, although that will have to wait until at least October.

Anyway, for people in the US and UK, the summer is gone and fall is here; for my fellow Australians, we're heading out of winter and into the warm and sunny again! So many things to do in the coming months!

BLOGHOP TIME: See You In September!

It's SPRING! *runs around like a little chickadee in season-warming glee*

Down here in Australia, it's the 1st September, and therefore also the first day of Spring. (Equinoxes, schmeequinoxes. We count the seasons by date, none of your planetary motions and solar proximities biz, thank youp!) And the weather here in Sydney has kindly taken on a lovely spring tinge. It will doubtless rethink this as September progresses, but for the moment, it's all happy and delightful and glowy.

And particularly because I HAS A HOUSE! SO HOUSE! MUCH EXCITE!

My sister and I bought a property together in suburbia. It's a lot smaller than our current residence (which we share with our youngest sister), so it's going to be a bit of a squeeze to get everything in there. And yes, I have a quilting workroom - although I'll be sharing it with my sister, half-half, so it will get rather squeezy in there at times.

Still, it's OUR HOUSE!

With a yard! A flat yard! That I can grow things in! (Since it's spring.) FRUIT TREES.

But you're not reading this blog for that. *coughs*

Madam Samm of SEW We Quilt runs regular bloghops, full of quilters, their links, and their creative outputs, and this one was run over the Northern Hemisphere summer with a fairly simple fiat: create three things, one of them with Riley Blake Designs Gingham. Be as creative as you want!

So, this winter (Southern Hemisphere) I made...uh...quilts. More quilts!

I know, it's not very creative in the 'expanding out of my comfort zone' way, but I haven't really had time to experiment very much in the last few months. I hope I will in the coming months, though!

Batik Bitsa Cushion Covers

I've had the fabric for these for a long time, but never actually got around to putting it all together.

See You In September

The first two cushions are made from off-cuts from the batik quilt which has been sitting on my bed for several years now. Their framing is (unfortunately) some polycotton that I thought would be good enough for making things out of. Note to self: polycotton cannot take the heat (of the iron) and should stay out of the sewing room!

They're small cushions - only 14"-15" - and will probably just lay around on my bed, being co-opted by the cats.

Snowflake Blossom Cushion Covers

The second two are from a pattern that I worked out a couple of years ago, and which I never managed to incorporate into a full-sized quilt - the Snowflake Block.

#snowflakeblock cushion cover #1 done! I like the "winter wind" quilting I did.

Looks pretty spectacular, doesn't it?

Looks even more spectacular with some colourful backdrop:


My sister's comment when she saw them was: "Are they for us?" Namely, were we going to get to keep them (rather than them being farmed out as gifts). Yes, they're for us. :)

Sea Breeze Mini

The Sea Breeze Mini Quilt pattern was developed by Megan of Canoe Ridge Creations, and when fellow Australian GnomeAngel asked for volunteers to participate in a bloghop, I figured 'oh, why not' in spite of the fact that work is crazy, house is crazy, and winter is always an exhausting time for me.

Yes, I have a problem with overcommitting.

Many wonderful artists joined in with the bloghop and quilt-along, and if you haven't seen them, I recommend a quick hop over to GnomeAngel's blog and the Sea Breeze MIni QAL to see how it all went!

My day to blog about the #seabreezemqal! It's all choppy seas and storm clouds, but there's clear skies coming, I'm sure!

I'm pretty happy with my resultant mini...even if I have no idea what I'm going to do with it now...

The Gingham Quilt

I know, dreadfully unoriginal name for it!

See You In September

I admit, I didn't read the requirements for this bloghop very well. I completely missed the whole bit about one project having to include RBD Gingham. And than I was horrified: GINGHAM?!?!?

After a few moments and a bit of searching on the intarwebs, I found a little roll of RBD gingham in rainbow colours. And a little imp suggested: "Why not make a gingham quilt out of gingham?"

I can't believe, it's not-gingham!

Part of the due inspiration for this goes to La Madame Samm herself, who painted her room gingham and showed us the process. The idea that gingham could be more than just a fabric weave was something I'd never considered before. (I'm afraid I don't usually spend my days contemplating gingham in all it's monochrome glory.)

I can't believe, it's not-gingham!

I worked out that the gingham pattern was nothing more than an endlessly repeating four-patch with one solid square, one white square, and two half-half squares, where the two half-half squares are always set diagonally from each other in the four-patch. The colours themselves are less important than the value difference between the fabrics.

I can't believe, it's not-gingham!

So rainbow gingham, rainbow prints (rather than solids), and white prints gets you a gingham quilt!

Sunny inside, rainy outside...

I rather like it in the pretty rainbow colours. And in the setting of my new house!

See You In September

So that's my post for the See You In September Bloghop! I hope you go check out some of the other posts from today and all the rest of the blog hop!

Wednesday, September 3

Sew Incredibly Crazy
Bumbleberry Cottage
Thimblemouse and Spouse
In The Boon Docks

Go wander, check out, leave comments, and generally admire the lovely projects (gingham and other) that us fabulous quilting ladies have done!

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

WIP Wednesday: the one before the one with the house

Not too much getting done this week. Mostly packing my fabric away:

So much fabric, so little time!

A project for See You In September:

See you in September

And sewing together a bunch of Cotton+Steel scraps for...something. I don't yet know what.

Thrift? Or obsession? #cottonandsteel

The birthday swaps are still coming in - I think I have one, maybe two left to arrive. But they've all been very useful and lovely, and most have been beautifully and carefully made! Such a talented lot of sewists!

#ahbcparty3 from @chambsvacc: shoulder bag, unfinished block (for use in one of my own projects), and adorable dog card! Thank you so much!

From @peaches1003 (getting it right this time - I hope!): pouch, sewing (make up?) roll, lanyard, and cutest card ever! #ahbcparty3 #aussiehandmadebirthdayclub

Trivets and ribbons and charm squares, oh my! (Thank you @peaches1003!) #ahbcparty3

Birthday swap from liannedgong

With every present is coming a handful of fabric scraps. I'm thinking that I'll patch them all together into a single piece, and use them in a bag - probably nothing more than a basic tote - but it can be the "birthday scrap bag" - made from the scraps that my birthday swap girls gifted to me!


We take possession of our house next Monday, and pretty much the first thing I plan to do is to go over and take photos. Possibly with quilts. So excited! Or terrified. Possibly both?

So what have you been working on this week? I'm linking up to WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced.

Monday, August 25, 2014

To Do list for September

With house things just about to start, I need to work out what really needs to be done and what's just make-work.

My sewing space needs to be packed up first, largely because we'll have to dismantle it to get everything else in the rest of the living space out. So this week is packing, packing, packing. Helpfully, my mother has let me know that I can store some destash fabric over at her house for a while, until I work out how to get rid of it. There's quite a lot of destash fabric, still - largely because I'm realising there's all this stuff that I will never use in my regular projects.

I'm presently looking into whether there's an organisation in Australia like Siblings Together, for which I can make quilt tops (since I don't want to do the entire quilt). Anyone know of one?

So my aim in September is to pack up my sewing room, finish the projects that are due during September, and any WIPs where there is time/space to get them done.

To Be Completed
1. See You In September bloghop project.
2. Make Modern Magazine mystery quilt
3. Build Me Up Buttercup (borders)
4. USA Hurray (borders)
5. All Around The World (borders)
6. King Of Bling (#redletteraustralia borders)

To Be Left Out For Doing Slowly
1. Millefiori Madness

Everything else can be packed up and go into storage for doing later. It has to; I don't have the time to manage it all. As it is, I should probably decide which sections of Millefiori Madness I'll be doing and just cut and bag those sections (along with a diagram of what's needed for that section) so it's all a whole lot neater.

Having to organise all the things I have is going to be a big headache: I have everything from 'bag notions' to 'dressmaking notions' to 'planned projects' to general stash. And it needs to be sorted before the move because I won't have space to do it afterwards!

*sigh* So tired.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014