Wednesday, January 2, 2019

2019 Finish Along: First Quarter

A couple of Easy Wins, I think. I have three months in which to get this done, and at least some of it needs to involve a quilt show quilt

complete at least 2 UFO Challenges out of the 3 for this quarter
For the APQ UFO Challenge, there'll be three challenge months. I have to finish at least two. (Ideally, all three would get done, but I'm not particularly hopeful.)

Finish along Q1 2019

Mum's laptop sleeve
I made her a laptop sleeve for Christmas.

Finish along Q1 2019

It turned out to be too small...

This actually needs to be done for Friday. So CHOPCHOP!

Finish along Q1 2019

100 Kona-Tula Blocks
This is the January UFO Challenge, so the goal is to finish the top - sash the blocks together. It doesn't take long, it's just fiddly and the weather is hot.

Finish along Q1 2019

flower shirt
Needs completing before the end of summer.

Finish along Q1 2019

halterneck dress
Wants completing before the end of summer.

I have no idea what to do for this this year! I mean, our guild hasn't even worked something out yet...

2019 Finish-Along!

Overall, there are scads of things I want to get done this year. But there are scads of things I want to get done every year. This last year has been quiet on the quilting front, because I've been focused on getting a garden system working, and I think it's pretty much worked out now with some refining possibly necessary.

Finishing off

- Jeremy's Quilt
- Birthday Stars

- friendship supernova
- 3:10 to Yuma

New quilts

cousin quilts
- 4 cousin quilts
- 3 cousin quilts
- 2 cousin quilts

Imp Quilts
- Dan and Cam quilts

Works In Progress

The list for the All People Quilt UFO Challenge (#apqresolution)

- Kona Scrappy Trip Around the World - 2 blocks finished, make another 14 blocks and join
- Build Me Up Buttercup - top centre finished, needs a border
- 100 Kona-Tula Blocks - blocks made, needs sashing
Finish Along 2018: Q4
- Scarlet Split Square - blocks made, needs joining
- Bard of Avon - scrappy - 1 block made, other blocks bagged and ready to go
- blue stars from 50 states - a couple made, have templates, make at least 3 more
- king of the nile - make backing, send to quilter
- QAYG FMQ blocks - 6 done badly, do another 6 and practice ("I Guess If I Practice Then Better I'll Be...Uh...")
- Dancing Stars/Fibonacci Never Did Quiltmath/Kona-Tula scraps - find these projects and get them done
- Rainbow Neutrals - rainbow colours, but pattern from book of Neutrals
- Break Free or Build Upon? - back and sandwiched, but split into two
- Rainbow Selvages - ~12 blocks done, need many more


Finish Along 2018: Q4
- flower shirt
- halterneck dress
- a comfy shift-dress
- a pretty going-out dress
- take the sleeves off 'Groove Is In The Heart'
- Harriet bra
- Sierra bralette


- make mother a laptop case

Am I going to find the time to do all this? While doing up my garden, writing a couple of novels, keeping house, and working?

Probably not. That's okay. I tried.

I'm also going to majorly destash this year - I have too much fabric that I'm not going to use. Also, I'm kind of broke right now on account of not having a job, but the bills still need paying. So quite a bit of it will go, I think.