Wednesday, January 2, 2019

2019 Finish Along: First Quarter

A couple of Easy Wins, I think. I have three months in which to get this done, and at least some of it needs to involve a quilt show quilt

complete at least 2 UFO Challenges out of the 3 for this quarter
For the APQ UFO Challenge, there'll be three challenge months. I have to finish at least two. (Ideally, all three would get done, but I'm not particularly hopeful.)

Finish along Q1 2019

Mum's laptop sleeve
I made her a laptop sleeve for Christmas.

Finish along Q1 2019

It turned out to be too small...

This actually needs to be done for Friday. So CHOPCHOP!

Finish along Q1 2019

100 Kona-Tula Blocks
This is the January UFO Challenge, so the goal is to finish the top - sash the blocks together. It doesn't take long, it's just fiddly and the weather is hot.

Finish along Q1 2019

flower shirt
Needs completing before the end of summer.

Finish along Q1 2019

halterneck dress
Wants completing before the end of summer.

I have no idea what to do for this this year! I mean, our guild hasn't even worked something out yet...


  1. I may sew some clothes this year as well. I haven't done that for at least 25 years (for myself). You have some fun projects happening for 2019. Happy new year!

  2. Your Kona Tula looks like really pretty parts. On behalf of the 2019 Finish A Long Hosts, best of luck with your goals and thanks for linking up.


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