Friday, October 14, 2011

Fabric Friday!

My friend Jenn at Penny Poppleton is having a No-Buy October because she spent (or possibly over-spent) her tax return on fabric in September.

I am not quite so principled, alas!

I bought a bit of yardage to match with the Autumn Leaf design seed - I found these wonderful William Morris prints that mix yellows oranges and greys together in small patterns and although they were in one of the highest price bracket for fabric in HobbySew, I bought 0.4m of each.

autumn leaf palette: fabric Friday

Aren't they gorgeous? They'll make a beautiful addition to the Autumn Leaf range:

autumn leaf palette: fabrics

There were a bunch of fabrics I wanted to buy at HobbySew - autumn leaves and christmassy prints and, oh, half the shop's stock! But I didn't. I was good!

Because I'd already bought a lot of fabric a couple of weeks ago...and it arrived on Monday!

fabric friday 14thOct11

Yes, that is Kate Spain's Terrain (which is anything but plain). And Timeless Treasures' Fruit Punch set.

fabric-oct2011 006

And then a package arrived from Etsy seller Sew Fresh Fabrics. One that I didn't remember ordering.

The tag on the package said 'Happy Birthday', but I'm not that good a customer to receive a birthday present like that (at least, I don't think I am...maybe I am?). So I have this feeling that a 'Halloween Witch' (from a gift exchange taking place on one of my forums) has sent this gift to me.

Oh. Em. Gee.

Sew Fresh Fabrics purchase

Peoples, that is six yards of fabric that someone sent to me for a gift exchange. SIX YARDS.

Did I say OH EM GEE before? Because I'd like to say it again!

And I adore the Pachyderms! I've been watching the Pachyderms fabric drift by as various shops promoted it... They're just so adorable!

So, um, WOW. And I'll say it again in bold: WOW!

Three Rivers purchase

Odyssea fabric from Three Rivers Etsy shop to add to the Odyssea layer cake I bought two weeks ago... Borders and backing and suchlike. Really!

October is going to be a month for doing stuff. Blocks. Projects. Getting as much done before the heydays of (Inter)National Novel Writing Month - or NaNoWriMo - takes off in November. And then it's December and, well, we know just how much stuff is going to be done then right?

Also, towards the end of September, I received the quilting magazines sent to me by Quilt Inspiration:
quilters magazines

Lots of fascinating and excellent ideas for quilts in there - just what I need to use up my stash!

Except that Fat Quarter Shop keeps on having sales! I ask you: how am I supposed to stop buying fabric if they don't stop having sales???

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