Wednesday, February 15, 2012

My 100th Blogpost!


It's been about a year since I set up this blog and it's been a great deal of fun.

Sure, I'm not doing anything someone else hasn't done before, but it's good for me to look back and ponder, and then look forward and hope!

2011 Quilting Mosaic

Thank you to all my readers - to the people who've started following me in the last year - whether out of genuine interest, or because I followed your blog, or because you spotted me in the crowds at WIP Wednesday, or even because you were bored and went on a blog-follower spree. :)

I have doubts that you all read me (especially since some of you are BNQs - "Big Name Quilters" - with hundreds, if not thousands, of followers) but I appreciate that you gave me the courtesy of putting me on your reading list, even if you never read!

And thanks to the friends - RL and online - who found me through quilting groups and social activities and LiveJournal and Dreamwidth and Facebook and Twitter, and who encouraged me in my quilting for the last 100 posts! (Special mention to Jenn @ for being an Enabler Extraordinaire! ILU Jenn!)

Everyone have a biscuit! (A cookie, if you live in the US and think biscuits are scones. Those wacky Americans...)

almond butter crisps

They're almond butter crisps and you can eat through a tray of these babies in a crazy short time! Perfect for a party! (Recipe to come some other day.)


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