Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Oopsies and Whoopsies

I started making a laptop case last night for my laptop, which has been without a protective slip for several months now. Every time I take it out somewhere, I just slip it into my bag, which isn't as cluttered as some bags I know, but still isn't good for it.


The pattern was from Cassie Barden's book 'The New Handmade' and was actually very simple once the cutting-out was done: put together the flap, put together the inside sleeve, put together the outside casing, sew together, attach a velcro fastener and Bob's your uncle! (Where did that phrase come from? Anyone know?)

Yes, that is 'frankenbatting' - the sewn-together pieces of old batting...

There are instructions for how to customise the size of the laptop case, and I was scribbling down the measurements on a post-it notes and making changes on the fly.

Unfortunately, somewhere along the way while trying to customise it...I managed to make the inside sleeve larger than the outside casing.



Yes, that is Sandi Henderson's Secret Garden! And I deliberately used the Keys material for the sleeve because it was not one of my favoured prints. And chose the Garden Gate fabric for the casing because I thought it would look awesome...and it will!

It's just that the inside doesn't fit inside the outside...


The Outside casing isn't even big enough to fit my laptop!

Oh dear.

So, it looks like I'll be making two computer for a smaller 10" computer (or possibly an iPad?) and one for my computer!

secret garden

Luckily, I have most of the Secret Garden fabrics, and I've been wondering just what to do with them - the prints feel too big to properly sit in a quilt. This is an excellent alternative!

I am going to call this "The TARDIS Laptop Case" - all I lacked was the knowledge of how to put it together "bigger on the inside"...

And I will be very very careful about measurements in future!

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