Wednesday, February 8, 2012

WIP Wednesday: what a busy week I've had!

Two tops finished, progress on two WIPs, and big plans for the coming weeks!

Stick A Fork In Me, For Lo, I Am Done!

California Girl

This thing came together so fast!

California girl quilt

Apologies for the washed-out photography. Between the weather, the indoors lighting, and the decor, it's not looking at its best. I think it needs a pretty white room to frame it - or something in pretty pastels. Unfortunately, my family tends to creams and beiges, not white, and we wouldn't know a pastel if it covered us in powder blue chintz.

I really like it, though: two charm packs and a jelly roll, a day or two of cutting and piecing and bazinga! Quilt top!

Charmed Prints

TA-DA! (*Apple Mac moment*)

Done in Odyssea by MoMo, framed in white, and definitely queen-sized!

Charmed Prints

My friend Jenn from Penny Poppleton was the one who nudged me into buying the Odyssea layer cake while we were out fabric shopping and she was, as ever, very right to do so!

Bright colours, sinuous shapes, cute fish! And the Charmed Prints design by Anne-Marie at GenXQuilters has turned out an excellent match for the Odyssea collection.

I was going to leave it at that, but my mother suggested a border was needed to really tie it all in together.

Charmed Prints top finished!

She's got a good eye for design, does my mum!

Of course, the border makes this one a big 'un at some 80" square. But I can chalk this up as another quilt top done for 2012! Huzzah!

Slow And Steady

Scrap Attack

Two words for you: spray starch. How did I survive this long in quilting without the assistance of spray starch?

o_O <- my "great googly moogly" face

My ironed pieces stay flat! And are just that much easier to handle! It's a miracle! Hallelujah! Praise the Lord! (Yes, you may laugh. But I never used it until now, and I am henceforth a convert.)

scrap attack block pieces

So with the assistance of spray starch, I started putting the square-in-the-corner HST blocks together. It takes a bit of getting used to, making two blocks at once, but it's much more convenient (and less risky on the bias-stretching).

scrap attack blocks

There's definitely a satisfaction in mindlessly making blocks, and all the more when you're getting through the backlog of your TV shows while doing so! I'm all the way through Season 3 of Leverage, and making headway through Hawaii Five-0. Lost Girl is next on the list, although it may require more detailed attention, and I have S1 and S2 of Sherlock, which is definitely going to require my attention.

Scrap attack - the lot

Incidentally does the block have a formal name? Right now, I'm calling it 'the Dirty Dancing block' (a.k.a. 'DD block') because "nobody puts baby in the corner". Yes, I am aware that my brain does not work like other people's brains...

scrap attack: askew layout

I like the Askew layout.

Drunkard's Path

I sewed a slew of these at the Sydney Southern Cross Quilters Guild meeting last Saturday. I expect to sew a slew more of them at the Sydney Modern Quilt Guild meeting next Saturday!

drunkard's path

I like this layout better than the circles: it's got more movement, and it looks pretty funky. Does it have a name?

On A Road To Nowhere
- Uberquiltfest: I think I might put this on the 'someday my prince will come' list, ie. "the twelfth of never"

In The Pipeline
- Simone's Quilt: a friend is getting married in April, and I've owed her a quilt for several years, so now it's time to take that kikc in the pants and get a move on!
- Silk Quilt Cover: Need to work out a block and a pattern for this!
- Labour Of Love: a V-Day project, not for anything in particular, just because my life is full of love (although not the V-Day love).

Other ideas for upcoming quilts include: a colourbrick quilt (Stitched In Color) - perhaps with Sandi Henderson's Secret Garden collection, Half-Square Triangle block of the month (In Color Order), or Oh My Stars (Thought And Found).

Hopalong to the other WIP Wednesdays and check them out!


  1. That is an amazing amount of quilting you've accomplished!! And yes, that border on the odessa quilt looks fantastic. Beautiful work on all your projects.

  2. Wow!! You have some great things going there. Yeah, that border really made the quilt pop together perfectly. :D

  3. Love the California Girl quilt. I love that line. LOVE IT!

    Starch is awesome. I use 2 kinds, Faultless, for when I need a very crisp fabric, and Mary Ellen's Best Press (unscented) for most other sewing projects. (It is pricey though.)

  4. OMG!!! How many days does your week have. I certainly would need three months to do all that stuff.Love yous California Girl quilt.

  5. Love the California Girl fabrics and pattern! Can't wait to see that finished!

  6. Everything looks great! Very cool scrap layout and I love your charmed prints quilt! Looks like a busy week :)

  7. Love your Charmed Prints quilt! I used Odyssea, too, but cut my layer cake into charms first. I like the larger blocks. And I also added a border - you're right, it brings it all together. I have about 18" to go on my binding and I'll be finished.

    You can see my top here in flickr:

  8. You made me laugh!! I love Dirty Dancing...and the block. All the quilts you are showing look fantastic, but I do love the bright colours.hab

  9. wow! the borders really set it off :) and your drunkards path looks amazing xxx

  10. Bazinga?! You're not a Big Bang Theory fan, are you? They make me laugh so hard! Love your charm pack quilt. I need to check into that one if you ended up with a queen sized quilt! I'm always looking for different things for my bed!

  11. New follower here, I love the QAL pattern and your choice of fabrics - beautiful! but best of all, have been having the same problem with pressing -gonna get me some spray starch, thanks to you!


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