Tuesday, February 14, 2012

V-Day: A Labour Of Love

V-Day block

I generally have a horror of Valentine's Day (or V-Day as I call it, to match with D-Day) simply because the advertising for it depicts what I see as an insipid view of "love" - one day of the year? Please. Any idiot can find romance one day of the year. It takes someone dedicated to show love every one of the other 364 (or, this year, 365) days a year.

In short, my definition of love is not one the media generally endorses. And the truth is that I don't have a partner, but my life is full of love all the same.

I have family who love me - who'd pause their lives to help me out if I was in trouble and who'd defend me in a moment if defence was needed. Who descended upon me once because I had cut my finger, lost a bit of blood, and my head went spinny for a few moments while I was on the phone: "Stay there, we're coming."

I have friends who want to spend time with me when I'm here, who miss me when I'm away, who listen without prejudice, and both argue and advise me with love.

I have a life that is good, hobbies that satisfy me, and work that I'm good at. I can love who I am and what I do. (Most of the time, anyway!)

I live in a world that is beautiful and lovely, if flawed; one that has joy in all seasons, even when my spirits are low.

I have a God who is Love, who opened a door into His house at great cost to Himself, and invited me to come in and be His guest.

And so, in honour of the love that is mine - even if it's not the traditional, romantic love that V-Day enshrines - I put together a quilt block:

heart block
(And it's a heart, because there are some cliches you just can't escape...)

I wanted to make a whole quilt of them, but I only had the time and energy for the two I made. :)

Happy Valentines' Day, and I hope and pray that your life is also full of love!

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  1. I really like your heart blocks. Perhaps you can make more and create a quilt gradually over time. I agree there's a whole commercialisation of valentines day which is very limiting to an authentic concept of love. Your post is a good reminder to remember the love that surrounds us everyday :)


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