Friday, June 22, 2012

Fabric Friday

(a.k.a. "As God Is My Witness, I Never Bought All That Fabric")

Reece Scannell cottons

Forgive me, Fabric Frugality, for I have sinned...

I blame The Intrepid Thread and their lovely half-yard bundle of Rhapsodia...


Half yards! Of Rhapsodia!

Of course, it might not have been so bad if I’d stopped there...and not bought the ‘Rhapsodia Plus’ package – the one with the half-yard bundle of the complete Rhapsodia collection...with a half-yard bundle of matching fabrics to go with it...

Rhapsodia coordinates

And I blame the Fat Quarter Shop and their sale page. Those Ooh La La fat quarter bundles reduced were more than I could resist...

Ooh KaLa collection

Don't ask me how much I purchased in their 9-year anniversary sale. Really. Just, don't. There may have been some Kate Spain in there. Just a little. Possibly. *coughs*

And then there was the sale at Craft Depot:

Craft depot fabrics

It wasn't a big purchase...just a few half-metres of generic fabric with a few namebrands in there...

But then there were the purchases from the Sydney Craft And Quilt Fair, including the Cuzco and Salt Air layer cakes:

Layer cakes

The Saffron Craig half-yards:

Saffron Craig: Half yards

And the Reece Scannell layer cake packs:

Reece Scannell cottons

I have several FQs of Reece Scannell already - but these were mini layer cakes - a rainbow range of colours! So beautiful!

Uh, and I'm still waiting for some stuff to arrive. I bought a FQ bundle of Rooftop Garden from Burgundy Buttons...

I think I may be going just a little fabric-crazy now that I have a job after being out of cash for nearly a year. I can purchase this! There's budget for it! (Well, maybe not budget...)

At any rate, with all this fabric in the house, I guess it's going to be a very busy winter of making quilts. I might set a goal to have completed four tops by the end of August - specifically before my local quilting group meets on the 1st September, before spring allegedly arrives and my garden begins to require attention...

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  1. I understand perfectly. Those Reece Scannel cottons are incredibly gorgeous.


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