Wednesday, August 15, 2012

WIP Wednesday: the one with no actual sewing

WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced

This week involved no actual sewing; although I got my sewing space sorted out and am now populating my nice new IKEA Expedit shelf with my stash!

The sewing space from the outside

Please excuse the mess!


Mmm, stash! (That's not all of it, by the way. I've got a large-size suitcase full of random FQs and my batik collection!

Sewing desk and ironing board!

Sewing desk and ironing board

I think I'll put the cutting table behind me, making a 'U' shaped workspace.

And behind me as I sit at my desk, my haberdashery shelves full of batting and non-quilting fabric, clothes patterns and odds and ends, books, and spare sheets for quilt backs!

Haberdashery storage

Still very disorganised - I have to work out exactly how I'm going to divide up all these stashy bits. And how I'm going to use up what I've already got.

*lays down the law* No more fabric purchases until I've finished another two quilt tops!

In the meantime, I haven't been entirely quiet on the quilting front. I've been putting together a tutorial for Madame Parfait's awesome and amazing 'Rainbow Blossom' block (which I renamed the Snowflake block).


Parts 1 and 2 are posted, but Part 3 is giving me trouble and may not be around until next Monday. I apologise for the delay, but life is being a right and proper pain in the butt. (How dare it interfere with my sewing?)

Also, for any Sydney folks who happen to be reading this, the Sydney Modern Quilt Guild has set up official meeting times for the rest of 2012.


It's more like the 'Northern and Eastern Sydney MQG' now, since there's a Wollongong MQG and a Greater Western Sydney MQG - which is all to the awesome since Sydney is a horrendously sprawly city and trying to find somewhere that everyone could meet every month was one of the problems with organising the Sydney MQG chapters in the first place.

Anyway, the first meeting is this weekend from 10am at the City Extra restaurant in Circular Quay.

And now it’s time to par-tay over at the Linky Party!


  1. Can't wait to see that quilt tutorial.

  2. Good luck with the rest of your organization - not looking forward to having to unpack all my sewing stuff (there are literally at least 20 med or big moving boxes stuffed with it!) and finding out where to put it all. . .

  3. Gorgeous snowflake tutorial you are going to do! Love the new IKEA storage:)

  4. Love Love Love your Snowflake block! Can't wait for Part 3 - I've gotta try to make this one :*)

  5. wow!! this is such a fresh block...I have to check the tutorials out!!

  6. Cool sewing space and I am coming back to check the tute out, that block is awesome!

  7. Oh how I love peeking at sewing spaces! And thanks for putting this tutorial together. Do you think something awful happened to Madame Parfait? I always wonder about that...hope she is okay. Thanks for linking up!

  8. yey IKEA FTW!!! If we had one closer to me I so totally would have been all over them for my room.

    Our next trip was way too far out for me to wait and finishing doing *something* with my space before I went nutty. I finished over the weekend so I must go post about That.

    I love that snowflake block. It's so pretty *pets*

  9. Ooooh. Tell me more about your (Japanese?) screen with the cranes! Is that bamboo or Japanese maple? I love it!


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