Thursday, January 17, 2013

2013 goals

I always think it's a good idea to put some goals down. Aim for nothing and you'll hit it every time, right?

2013 goals
This year I’m going for simple again:

  1. 12 quilt tops in 12 months
  2. enter into at least 1 quilt competition
  3. develop longarm quilting skills
  4. get all my quilt tops from the last few years quilted

I haven’t entered into any Birthday Block swaps this year – quite deliberately. Last year ran me aground and I don’t have the time/energy to do it this year.

Quilt-Alongs (blocks)

  • QAL: GenX Quilters: Sisters’ Ten– with the Rhapsodia collection
  • QAL: Pile o’ Fabric: Skill Builder Block – pick FQs

gifts (will probably cross over with the quilts listed above)

  • Gift: Kings and Honey (“Honey” by Elizabeth Hartman in Kaufman’s Valley Of The Kings) – for Jo
  • Gift: America the Beautiful (reds, blues, whites) – for Alli
  • Gift: rainbow brights - for Genie
  • Gift: traditional and dramatic - for Sue
  • Gift: rich and modern - for Bec and Wes
  • Gift: bright and pretty - baby quilt for Noah and Jenny
  • Gift: bright and pretty - baby quilt for Shaz and Drew

12 quilt tops in 12 months - details

  • 2 two scrap quilts (one of them a string quilt)
  • 2 “birthday block quilts” (from my 2011, and 2012 block exchanges)
  • 2 made from the 2 “charm jelly cake” sets I still have
  • 2 made from layer cakes

enter into at least one quilt competition - details
The Sydney Quilt Guild Show in June this year. At least the Eternity quilt, and perhaps another quilt, although I have to think about which one it’s going to be…

develop longarm quilting skills - details
Having done the quilting for my Eternity quilt, I know how to use the longarm at the LQS and will have to start using it for some of the ‘bespoke’ quilts I’m making.

get all my quilt tops from the last few years quilted - details
Mostly this involves getting the quilts out to my quilter in Wollongong. Although there looks like there’s one who’s much closer (as in, next suburb over) so I might start using her more and Thirroul Custom Quilting less. I’m going to miss Jo and the process of choosing the patterns, though!

And it will probably be reasonably pricey, which can’t be helped too much, alas. Quilting is not a cheap enterprise.


Finally, I should update my blog header. The current one is annoying me. Maybe this weekend...


  1. Great list of goals!! And yes you will definitely have some crossover. Just out of curiosity - how many quilt tops do you have laying around that need to be quilted? happy sewing!

  2. Eurovision and Doctor Who, its official, we can be friends.
    -Leigh (whom you met today at the SMQG Sit and Sew!).


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