Wednesday, August 14, 2013

WIP Wednesday: the one with applique!

Finished! (ish)

I don't remember giving this one a name, so it’s just going to be "Heirloom".

Such beautiful rich colours!


And the back!


(It's a satin-stripe cotton, that's why there's the horizontal lines on the picture - I swear it's not a bad refresh rate for your screen!)

Modern Batik Maze


And now the bit that I always find difficult to motivate myself to do - binding!


Pacific Rim cushion-covers

So, I went to watch Pacific Rim a couple of weeks ago and came out pretty much in love with that movie. The characters! The machines! The monsters!

I joined a gift exchange and decided I'd make some cushions with the logo of one of the giant fighting machines - the main one, in fact, called Gipsy Danger and piloted by the heroes of the movie. (One of whom is a heroine but who stays fully clothed over the course of the movie and in all the promotional materials, who is respected for her skills without bringing her gender into it, and who doesn't get with the hero at the end of the movie. But I digress...)

I decided on a rough applique rather than satin-stitched because the movie, as a whole, is about the scrappy resistance at the end of the world, and everything is rusted and well-worn and much-used before it's finally junked. So I thought a little roughness wouldn't go astray.

The logo on the stiffened fabric - traced and cut out:


A detail of the stitching - it's not very neat, unfortunately!


One side done!


Got to finish the other side and then put the cushion-cover together and send it off to my recipient!

Of course, now that I've done one, I'm thinking of doing other sigils and logos from movies - Avengers logos and suchlike...

USA Hurray!

Ugh. I haven't made much progress on this:


In the back: a pile of HSTs that need to be turned into Hourglasses.
In the middle: the untrimmed Hourglasses.
In the foreground: the trimmed hourglasses, ready to be turned into blocks.

Yeah, I'm pushing it. :/

To Do

Nothing really on this - get USA Hurray and the Pacific Rim cushion covers done, then prep some handsewing for the US and head on out!

what about you?


  1. Love your Heirloom Quilt....gorgeous fabric and quilting. Stopping by from Freshly Pieced. Thanks for sharing Marie (

  2. My husband absolutely loved the movie. He took our oldest son, so I missed out. I'm sure he'll bring it home as soon as its available, though.

  3. Lovely work on everything but that Heirloom!! Love it. Sumptuous colours!


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