Wednesday, November 20, 2013

WIP Wednesday: the one with beautiful blocks!

I finished Tiger by the Tail...but forgot to get a photo of it bound and presented! *facepalms* I got one taken at the SMQG meeting on Saturday, but haven't had a chance to get the photo off the president yet.


Mendocino Mermaids (Under The Sea)

When I first started putting this together, I knew it would look pretty awesome, but I didn't imagine it would look this amazing!

Holy cow!

Mendocino mermaids

It's also going to be be a reasonable sized quilt - I set it up so it would be a 5x5 config, which makes it 75" x 75" without borders.

Not sure about borders at this point. Have to work out if I have enough fabric for it. Also have to start considering binding. Ideally, I'd like a yard of brown seahorses to bind it with, but I don't think I have any brown seahorses left. Lots of orange/copper/yellow ones, though!

Mendocino mermaids

Precuts Project: Sunkissed

I bought this layer cake about three years ago, in 2011, during my first trip to the Sydney quilt show with Penny Poppleton. And it probably wasn't too much after that I realised that the colour scheme was Not Me.

So it has sat around until I decided on the Precuts Project last week. Then I pulled it out and started slicing it up.

pastel boxes

Sewed a couple of blocks together, put it up on Instagram, and promptly had pinkying tell me that she loves this range! Dangit - if I'd realised, I'd have gifted her the layer cake!

I like the pattern, but I don't think it suits this range - too subtle, or not subtle enough.

Pastel boxes

Unfortunately, there's not really an option but to keep going. I'll try the pattern again with a more vividly-coloured layer cake collection. And slightly more precise cutting!

Japanese Trivets

Quilted and trimmed, ready for binding:


I'm notoriously bad at getting binding done. :(

Last Reminder: Quilt Raffle!

Don't you love this quilt?


Don't you want it?

Tickets are $3 each, or 2 for $5, and we take PayPal.

The draw is this Saturday, 23rd November at Kim Bradley Creations in Castle Hill. If you win it, I will send it to you and cover you for half the postage!


So what's your dealie this week? Have you linky-partied up?


  1. I love your Mendocino Mermaids quilt! All of the fabrics are delicious!

  2. I love your mermaid Quilt more and more each time it grows! I think it would be fun to do a scrappy binding with whatever is left over. No matter what we all know its going to look fantastic!

  3. Joining the mermaid quilt love train! I really love those colours together too; I'll have to remember them for future projects! The trivets are really lovely as well.

  4. wow your mendochino quilt is gorgeous! i love the background print with your blocks.

  5. Your mermaids are fabulous as is- i say save your leftovers for the back!


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