Wednesday, January 22, 2014

WIP Wednesday: the one with destash!

So it's been a slightly crazy fortnight for me, what with a work project ramping up and lots of stress and cross co-workers. Quilting has been something of a refuge, but I haven't had the chance to post any progress.

Sydney Modern Quilt Guild

We had the first Sit & Sew for the Sydney MQG on Saturday, in the new Greta's Handicrafts store, and while it was small, it was cosy and chatty and much fun was had and much sewing was done.


I'm thinking of making a smaller version of the Rainbow Connection. (Yeah, I know.)

The next meeting for the Sydney Modern Quilt Guild is the big bi-monthly Super Sew-In, which will be taking place up at Kim Bradley Creations on the 2nd Feb. It will be big. And awesome. And with lots of sewing! Details are here - you need to RSVP - and both Guild members and guests are welcome.

Also: a list of meeting dates for 2014 on the site, as well as a contact email if you’d like to come along!

Pattern Testing for Penny Poppleton

I'm pattern testing for Penny Poppleton, which involves a lot of HSTs, sewing, cutting, ironing, trimming, arranging, sewing...

Penny Poppleton  's shattered star sewing

Pattern testing is actually harder for me than it should be. My instinct is to look at something and just go "oh, I can do that" and start making blocks. A 'can do' attitude is fine when you're looking at the finished product...not so good when you're trying to test a pattern for someone!

Penny Poppleton  's shattered star

The questions that are easy to ignore when you're doing it on your own steam are crucially important when pattern testing! 'Is there enough fabric?' 'Have I got enough yardage?' 'Did I completely screw an instruction along the way?' 'Does anything need to be clearer?'

Penny Poppleton  's shattered star blocks

While sewing and cutting and ironing, though, I got through 5 episodes of Almost Human and 2 of Sleepy Hollow! Catching up with TV for the win!

So I'm getting there. I just got a little distracted along the way...

Let's Go Fly A Kite!

These are the blocks I received in the Modern Blocks swap of 2012 - 12 participants, everyone picked a block, everyone else made it and sent it along per month. It's kind of fun, but also quite a lot of effort over the course of the 12 months when I have a dozen other things on the brain.

box Kite block layout

There'll be posting and sashing - small posts of dark-coloured squares, and white/cream sashing.

But I need a couple more blocks (I want a slightly bigger quilt), so I've been cutting and sewing pieces this week.

box Kite quilt block making

Incidentally, when you get the triangles the wrong way around, it's a PITA to unpick and resew!

box Kite quilt layout

But I think it's going to look gorgeous when it's done!

Result of all this cutting? My sewing space is a mess. You know those bloggers whose sewing rooms are beautifully arranged and organised? Classy spaces! Elegant machines! Past projects hanging on the walls! Colour-sorted stashes?

quilting workspace - messy!

So. Not. Me.

The Great Aussie Destash

And then on top of all that, we have the #greataussiedestash scheduled for this THURSDAY (I had the wrong day initially) on Instagram. Which occasions a massive clean-out of a whole bunch of fabrics that I bought and tucked away and am, frankly, never going to use.

destash fabric

To say nothing of a bunch of fabrics that I've been intending to sell for a while.


Yes, that is Mendocino Mermaids, yes, I will be selling those two packs in the destash. Also Secret Garden (1/2 yards), a lot of half-yards of varying patterns that don't really take my fancy anymore, and a number of precuts: Honey Honey (Kate Spain), Pop Snap (Sandy Gervaise), Indian Summer (Riley Blake), Make Life (Sweetwater), and some batik strip packs.


I need to clear out a lot of my stash since I'll be moving this year - most likely downsizing to a smaller house, although the possibility still exists that I'll have to find a unit. However, I will almost certainly have a separate room for sewing!

Further details are up over at Penny Poppleton, and I’m seldear on instagram if you’re interested in anything I have.


1. baby bag for Simone - HIGH PRIORITY (she’s due this week!)
2. Mendocino Mermaids quilt background (including paper piecing, although not of Mendocino fabrics)
3. backings, backings, backings (and then quilting quilting quilting!)

What about you? What have you been doing these last few weeks?


  1. I am not on Instagram - how does this destash thing work? I am working on a "Little Apples" Project at the moment and don't think I will have enough. Saw you had some in one of your destash pictures so I am curious how it works.

  2. Oh! That Kite quilt is going to be amazing!! I can't wait to see it finished! Picking any stitches is a PITA! LOL

  3. I'm new to Instagram so it took me a minute to figure out how to search for the Destash but WOW. 1'542 posts. I was floored. But I'm in Europe so perhaps not the most economical for me. Beautiful fabrics though!

  4. Oh, and BEAUTIFUL kite quilt you're going to have there. Love those colours! :-)

  5. Love that kite quilt! It will be lovely when finished!


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