Wednesday, January 29, 2014

WIP Wednesday: the one with kites!

Holy wow, what a week! Here in Australia we had a long weekend public holiday for Australia Day, and I spent a large chunk of it sewing. As a result I have a finish from a 'WIP' that's been around for a couple of years!


Meet the Box Kite block, from Modern Blocks collated by Susanne Woods.

Scrappy Box Kite block from Modern Blocks #quilt

Nice little scrappy block, and my pick for the Books And Blocks Bee - a monthly bee that I joined in 2012. I actually received about 14 of these, because a couple of people said their first attempts weren't good enough and sent me a second block, which was really lovely of them.

box kite quilt

I still had to discard one for being just a little too short on the seam allowance, but that was okay, I have plenty of scraps with which to make more!

...maybe too many...

quilt room mess

This is what happens when you go through just one of your scrapboxes. I have at least another box, another bag, and a couple of containers of scraps from previous projects! And this isn't counting the very small bits that I'm convinced I could all sew together into a bigmassivehuge scrappy quilt...

And now I have to work out where to put these now that I've organised them; and what to do with these scraps...there's just so many of them. And they breed, I'm sure! *sigh*

Anyway, the idea for this was always to sash the blocks in background fabric, and have dark fabric 'posts' that looks a little like the blocky centres. I think it looks pretty spectacular!

box kite quilt

So, need to make a backing and get that done...

In the meantime:


Sunkissed Town Hall

sunkissed quilt

Still don't like the colour scheme very much, but I'm aiming to have it done by the weekend so I can show it off at the Sydney Southern Cross Quilters' group, and at the Sydney Modern Quilt Guild's Super Sew-In. And, I figure, if I get it all done, then it's out of my hair and I can give it away and get onto colour schemes I much prefer!

Shattered Star Quilt

No progress here. Nothing to see...yeah, nope... Maybe on Sunday after the Sydney MQG Sew-In - more on that later!

Simone's Baby Things Bag

Still haven't started the baby things bag - I don't even know if my friend has had her baby yet! *checks FB* Nope, not yet. Should get on that pretty directly, I think!


This was, as far as I'm concerned, quite a success! I got a lot of stuff off to people, and while there's still quite a bit left over, I think I'm going to chop a lot of the yardage up and turn it into smaller colour-packs (and reduce the price).

Whew! Packages by the not-quite dozen from the #greataussiedestash are going out!

My sister, upon discovering I'd destashed, looked at what remained and asked, "Are you sure you've already destashed?"

Gee, sis, thanks...

I also bought a few things: mostly books, but a little bit of fabric (to add to collections I already have in FQ bundles): "Scrap Basket Surprises", "Quilts From The House Of Tula Pink", and Angela Walter's "Free Motion Quilting".

purchases from #greataussiedestash

To Do:
Sydney MQG: Pickle Dish group quilt (use for those scraps, perhaps?)
Mendocino 2: I still have quite a bit of Mendocino Mermaids left, and I want to use it in square blocks (something that won't waste too much of the fabric) - I was thinking one of the quilts in 'House Of Tula Pink' looks promising. I just have to find a suitable background fabric for the blocks...

And finally...

Sydney Modern Quilt Guild
What: Super Sew-In!
When: Sunday 2nd Feb, 10am-4pm!
Where: Kim Bradley Creations, out Castle Hill way!
Details: More here at the SMQG site - but it's basically a big sew-in with lots of people, lots of chatter, and the opportunity to take a few hours of hardcore sewing time out from the usual distractions of life!

What have you been doing? Did you buy anything from the destash in your country/locale? How are your WIPs?


  1. Nice kites - great effect with the sashing/posts.


    1. Thank you! I hoped the dark posts would look good in counterpoint with the central squares in the blocks but it really turned out better than I expected!

  2. Loving your kite blocks - they actually remind me of gemstones just lying about. Very pretty.

    1. It does have a lovely 'jewelled' look to it, doesn't it? I was just aiming for scrappy, but it's ended up prettier than I expected. :)

  3. wow im totally in love with the kites, all those color fabrics you used, just beautiful

  4. Love your interpretation of the kites. The squares in the sashing really bring everything together beautifully. Well done.

  5. i love that kite quilt! the scrappy colors on white really make it stand out.

  6. Your box kite quilt is stunning!!

  7. Both quilts look lovely! I try to make scrap quilts every so often, before they get out of hand! Sounds like you got some awesome books and fabrics!

  8. beautiful kites! I love how you made the scraps work so well!

    Stopping by from Lee's hop

  9. The kites are lovely, and if you ever figure out how your scraps are breeding, let me know! I wish mine would do that.

  10. Oh my!!!! I love that Box Kite quilt.....

  11. the kite quilt is spectacular and wouldn't look nearly as fun if you hadn't had all those scraps to mix up! Don't get rid of your scraps!! But if you do, I'm here in Maryland USA ready and able to give them a home. I have a plenty but the mix of pattern is what makes my heart sing! LeeAnna
    My blog is Not Afraid of Color, come visit!

  12. My mouth literally watered when I saw all of those scraps, and the quilt is going to be divine!


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