Thursday, January 23, 2014

#greataussiedestash: the rundown

So, we came, we destashed...we bought a few things (a very few, honest)!

I sold four Mendocino scrap packs and two Mendocino fat quarter bundles (blush colourway), Aneela Hoey, Snap Pop, Kate Spain, Bowood House and a bunch of other things!


There's still a bunch of stuff available under the #greataussiedestash tag on instagram!

My name is Sel, and I have a fabric hoard problem... But tomorrow, it's all going out! (Well not 'all' but still lots!)

If you're interested in any of the stuff I have displayed above (much of the 'big name' stuff is gone, I'm afraid) then my instagram is seldear. I'll be doing another destash in late Feb - and there will definitely be more Mendocino!

And now it's time for a drink - a soda cocktail with vodka-soaked fruit! Delicious!

Time for a drink! Soda and vodka soaked fruit #cocktail! What a day! Nothing more to be posted this evening, ppls. I need some brainspace!

I admit, I was hoping to advertise this through WIP Wednesday...only Lee oopsed and forgot which day it was! So, yeah, nope. Ah well. Them's the breaks.

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  1. So glad l dropped by via another blog which l found via yet another blog. Need to get out more, by the way like your kite quilt should look amazing. Will be back to see the project completed.


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