Tuesday, March 4, 2014

weekend things: show quilts and shot cottons

So, now is probably not the time to suddenly decide I want to join in on the Pantone Radiant Orchid Quilt Challenge being run by Play Crafts and The Windy Side.

Entries are due by the 21st March.

That's just on three weeks.

First thought - use this opportunity to get rid of some old blocks:

pantone radiant orchid quilt challenge

Then I realised the challenge has to have been started this year. *pouts*

So, new tack!

pantone radiant orchid quilt challenge

Pick some fabrics and do a Dead Simple Quilt...with a few little surprises in it. That's the theory, anyway. The reality? We'll see!

Sydney Quilt Show

The date for entry of quilts for the show is 15th March - ten days!

We only need to show an example of what we're going to do - have the layout and the design, kind of thing.

Quilt 1: Symphony in Scannell Solids

Reese Scannell is the Australian-made version of Oakshott. They're not as good at marketing, but their fabric is quite lovely.

sydney quilt show fabrics

sydney quilt show fabrics

sydney quilt show fabrics

The background is Kona Stone, and it turns out to have a kind of warm beige-ish look when paired with saturated colour.

The design is going to be pretty simple in the end, lots of HSTs and a basic pattern, with the rest of the quilt a negative space:

quilt show bits and pieces

quilt show bits and pieces

That's the easy one. At least until it comes time to quilt it, then all that negative space needs to be filled in...

Quilt 2: Planned Improv

This one is going to get messy. As in...really messy.

I did a basic design idea, but I don't know that it's actually achievable!

planned improv

But I did start some piecing last night:

quilt show bits and pieces

These are going to be two of the 'moon' pieces, which would be set into drunkard's path blocks - although I'm not sure about the one with grey in it. It looks kind of like I've pieced a '10' unintentionally!

I might have to rethink this idea. Especially since I have only really one week in which to get a layout done - it should really be sent off before the 15th. *sigh*

That's not going to be fun...

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  1. Yay! Can't wait to see your entry for the challenge :-) Any I had never considered entering something in the Sydney show - good on you!


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