Wednesday, March 19, 2014

WIP Wednesday: the one with serious Purple

This week has been rather less productive as work ramps up. With perhaps the exception of Saturday, when I had the Sydney Modern Quilt Guild meet-up, and then spent the afternoon putting together my Pantone Quilt Challenge 2014...not much movement!


Pantone Quilt Challenge 2014
Darling Violetta

46" x 61"

Darling Violetta - Pantone Quilt Challenge 2014

Full post about it's creation is here.

It's not particularly spectactular when compared to the other quilts in the challenge, but considering I only even imagined doing this it three weeks ago, I think it's quite good. And another quilt done!

I really need to make a few more of these quilts - they're fast, they're pretty good stash-busters and they make excellent gifts for very little effort!


Do You Know Where You're Going To?

That's this quilt:

quilt show

Trimming HSTs is a painful and painstaking process at the best of times, and I find I can usually only do it when I'm at a guild meeting or watching television shows. And even that's difficult.

I got these done at the Sydney Modern Quilt Guild sew-in at Greta's Handicrafts on Sydney's North Shore.

hsts & trimming

Thank heavens they're done.

Now I just have to sew them all together so the points match. And perform appropriate math to piece it all together.

*maniacal laughter*

Yeah, not looking forward to that.

Mondrian's Nine-Patch

No progress. I'll cut up the squares over the next couple of weeks since this one is easy enough. Split Nine Patches: lovely and simple (although, again with the trimming and matching things up).

To Do

baby quilt

My bible study leaders from the last two years have just had their first kid, and I should really make them a quilt for him! Haven't met him yet, but that's not surprising - they're getting used to being parents, I'm good with giving them time.

Something modern, in Kona Ash and various greens, I think.

instagram sale

I need to start cutting up fabrics for an instagram sale - I think I'm going to make it ANZAC day (25th April), because that's an Australian National public holiday, and far enough away that I'll have time and space to actually get things cut up and sorted out.

Millefiori: Passacaglia

I need to start sewing these on the way to work. With three trains to catch and plenty of waiting time, it shouldn't be too hard to get my fingers doing these while my brain gears up for work.


What have you been doing lately?


  1. Love the flying geese. Very cool layout. I'm with you when it comes to trimming hst though. UGH!

  2. Love those HSTs and I totally agree that trimming them is a royal pain! Great job on your Pantone Challenge quilt - I'm afraid I dropped the ball completely on that one. Didn't even get started. Oh well.. maybe next year!

  3. HST's are one of my 2 fav block pieces (flying geese the other) the options for design are limitless with those two! But I like the arrow pattern you are working on. I have in my mind, but thinking to make a quilt with a path and using just squares to make the path around the quilt, but the arrows look pretty good to! I think I'll do the arrows every couple of blocks as a "sign" of where or which way to go...Kind of like the old (real old as in original!) PacMan game. Its a quilt I am creating for my grand kids to "play" with indoors.

  4. Love your pantone project! And, I also hate trimming HSTs, or really any pieces of blocks... I think that may be part of why I stalled on my Modern Cross project- too much trimming!

  5. Oh man, I hear you. I hate trimming HSTs! But they're just so useful! That's going to be a fabulous quilt :)


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