Friday, November 28, 2014

I quilt, therefore I am (a quilter)

So modern quilting, eh?

Go read GnomeAngel and Pretty Bobbins. Now go read Jane at Make Modern Magazine. Come back when you're done. I'll just put up a cat pattern while I wait:

#cats and #quilts

#cats #catsofinstagram #honestsewingroom

#cats #catsofinstagram

Okay, you're back? Good.

Sometimes people ask me, "where you do really come from?" What they mean is "you're not white, so you can't be Australian." But I am Australian, even though I don't look like what these people think "Australian" looks like.

This is not a tangent, I promise!

"Australian" can be a label that other people put on me - or take off me, in my case. But it's also just what I am.

It's what I am now, at this point in time. However, at a future point in time, I might decide to renounce my Australian citizenship in favour of another citizenship. Or take on another citizenship as well and be both Australian and something else.

Labels are temporary things. They peel off or fall off or wear off, and sometimes we pick them up and stick them on again, and sometimes we leave them where they lie. Sometimes we sticker over the labels we already have, rebadge ourselves to fit in with a changing terminology, or tuck a label out of sight.

Be you, and don't worry about the label.

And that's how I feel about quilting and the label of 'modern quilter'.

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